Computer Hardware and Software


The physical component of computer is called Hardware.

Basic Hardware Components:

  • Motherboard: It is a circuit board contains IC sockets and slots.
  • CPU: Full name central processing unit. It is the heart of the computer.
  • Math coprocessor: It is an IC (Optional) used for mathematical calculation.
  • ROM: Read only memory used to store information permanently.
  • RAM: Random Access memory used to write programs.
  • Display card.
  • Speaker.
  • SMPS.
  • UPS.


Software is a set of program which can do the particular work for users.

Mainly two types of software are there;

  • System Software (Operating System).
  • Application Software (Language processors – Editor, Linker, Translator etc).

Another kind of software is utility software.

Operating System: Operating system is system software which links between computer Hardware and Software.


DOS (Disk operating system), Windows operating system, Unix operating system etc.

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