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What is Computer

Computer is an electrical or electromechanical device which takes data as input and produce information as output.

Properties of Computer

Computer has some important and useful properties. These are stated below.

Automatic: After setting some rule by human, computer will do its job automatically without any help of the user.

Speed: Computer can do a work within a second. Human beings take years or entire lifetime to finish it.

Accuracy: Computer does its work accurately. The risk percent of mistake is Zero. Whatever we see any error in a task, is the mistake of the user or the programmer.

Diligence: Computer cannot lose its concentration or diligence during, after or before a work. It can do a same type of work for a long time.

Versatility: One computer can do different kinds of work. It has the same kind of ability for any type of work. Ex: You can store your business information using excel, you can listen song, you can play a game, you can paint, type, watch movies etc.

Memory: Human being store information in the memory. But after day by day all the information get forget. But in case of computer, if anything it store in its memory will never get forget by the computer. Computer memory is much more powerful than human memory.

These are the good side of a computer. But there are some pitfalls comparing with human being.

1. Computer has no I.Q (Intelligent quotient).

2. Computer has no feeling.

Scientists are still experimenting to give I.Q and feelings to computer system with the help of Artificial Intelligence (A.I).

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