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Parul University Becomes the Youngest NAAC A++ Private University in India

Parul University in Gujarat has become the youngest institution to get A++ from NAAC. It is a Vadodara-based university that was able to set new records in the maiden evaluation cycle. The University received A++ in its first assessment cycle from NAAC, which is definitely the most significant achievement for any academic institution. The average grade point is a 3.55 CGPA. The National Accreditation and Assessment Council did the assessment during their three-day visit.


It is not an easy path to achieve such a high grade, and the same was for Parul University. It was able to meet the many evaluation criteria and conditions. Since 2015th April, when Parul University was first established, it has aimed to provide higher education to the aspirants constantly. The assessment of NAAC includes several parameters like innovation policies, research, pedagogy, and teaching-learning methods. On the visit to this renowned University by the NAAC team, they made sure that the University was able to meet the parameters.

The University has distinguishing academic policies and abides by the best practices which set them apart from other educational institutions. This includes constructing different campus disciplines, a proper ecosystem for business owners, a student support network, gender, inclusivity, comprehensive health care and health policy, rigorous research, and efficient and great environmental surroundings.

Pure dedication and hard work is the only key to success in the University, which can be visible in its work and academic environment. The University has excelled in innovation, community, development, industry-centric jobs, internationalization, research, healthcare, etc. Since NAAC assessment is completely based on crucial parameters like curriculum process and design development, student-teacher profile, extension initiative, teaching innovation, innovation practice, research, promotional policy, healthcare service, governance structure, and environmental consciousness, the University has totally excelled in every aspect of the requirements.

The entire assessment included international and national inputs from current students, business recruiters, graduates, and parents in proper interaction with the team. According to the President of Parul University, Dr. Devanshu Patel, “ The assessment is completely based on qualitative and quantitative metrics of the University. Some of the significant factors considered by the team include milestones, policies, and initiatives attended by the University since the foundation year.” He also added, “ Being a university, we have always strived to improve ourselves. We have experienced growth and a significant development trajectory due to the digital transformation and innovation centers throughout the campus and city. Acquiring this certification provides us with the encouragement to give constant dedication by providing education. It is a proud moment for our University.”

The Vice Chancellor of Parul University, Dr. Amit Ganatra, also said, “Getting such a huge accomplishment has been a milestone for the path of the University. It gave us the encouragement to provide the highest quality education, and we make sure to promote the policies and practices throughout.” He also added,” This accomplishment would not have been possible without the continuous effort of the parents, administration, students, faculties, and everyone else associated with the University.

Parul University, which was established back in 2015, has continuously worked to improve the education level. This institution has made a continuous effort to make progress and provide a higher education system. This is how Parul University is able to create a new identity in different fields of community development, healthcare, innovation, and research. The multidisciplinary campus and academic policy of the University, along with the best practices followed by them, added to the differentiating factors of this University.

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