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Is Nursing the right profession for me?

Are you wondering if nursing is actually the right profession for you? Check the qualities to consider to become a nurse. Keep reading this article.

Is Nursing the right profession for me

When it comes to choosing the right career, it is crucial to understand your passion and desires. If you have always wanted to become a nurse, you must know that a nurse requires sitting by the side of a patient suffering from a specific illness throughout the day and comforting them. Apart from this, a nurse also has to work with the doctors while making critical decisions.

There are different roles provided to nurses, and each one is different. The nursing roles that you need to perform depend a lot on the organization, department, and facility. There are also various opportunities and development in nursing careers. However, as nursing is a great profession that requires humanity and being compassionate to people, not everyone can become a great nurse.

So understanding the skills required to become a great nurse can help you to decide whether nursing is the right profession for you or not.

Is nursing right for me? Qualities to consider

1. Humanity

The first and most crucial trait is humanity. It is essential for you to pay attention to every human and understand their pain from their perspective. When you are humble and always eager to help people, it is one of the most prominent traits of a nurse. As nursing is one of the age-old professions that revolve around helping patients to improve and get better, nurses require staying grounded and understanding the patients. It is crucial for a nurse to constantly help, encourage and inspire them to get better by comforting them throughout.

2. Empathy

Nurses need to show empathy and must be compassionate. Empathy means the nurse will be able to understand the feelings and thoughts of other patients even when they have not experienced them. When you have the capability to empathize with patients, it helps them to build close relationships and can significantly help in their suffering. As nursing is an emotional job, it needs you to have compassion and empathy towards other people.

3. Patience

While patience is required in most professions, nursing is probably one of those that will test your patience. There will be times when you are required to work throughout the day, as emergencies are always unexpected. Sometimes, patients will refuse to take treatment or medication or be rude to you, but it is crucial for a nurse to keep calm and patient while comforting the patient suffering from illness. Being a critical part of the healthcare industry, a nurse always needs to stay ready to expect the unexpected.

4. The 5C’s

While nursing training, you will be provided with ample knowledge. One of the most important things that you have to keep in mind while choosing this profession is the 5Cs. It implies commitment, competency, conscience, confidence, and compassion.

Nursing is more than a job, as it requires a commitment to go beyond the limits and devote yourself to people who are suffering from illness. They must understand and empathize with patients to build relationships and improve the healing process. Besides, a nurse must be competent to meet the healthcare standards while doing their job.


These are some of the most common and vital traits in a nurse. If you want to become a successful nurse, make sure you are ready to devote yourself to the people who are suffering and would abide by the healthcare rules and regulations. You also need to be very flexible as there will be multiple emergencies that you will face in your profession. So if you are ready to handle the difficulties and complications yet know how to keep your calm, you can work to become a nurse.

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