NCERT Books from the foundation of your Civil Services Preparation. Disha Experts has brought to you 5 books that will never get old for the preparation of the UPSC and State Civil Services examination.

Combo (set of 5 Books) NCERT Digest

Without NCERT study materials, your UPSC Civil Service exam preparation is not completed. That’s why Disha Experts brings to you a set of 5 books that are a new way to reach your UPSC goal. It brings you NCERT concepts at your fingertips.

Combo (set of 5 Books) NCERT Digest – These books contain Old + New NCERT Class VI – XII Concepts in ONE LINER Format for UPSC & State PSC Civil Services. It covers History, Political Science, Economics, Geography, and General Science.

Features of these books:

  1. The perfect mix of Old and New NCERT books
  2. Heading, Sub-headings and points for clarity
  3. One-liner for easy and quick understanding
  4. Covers Class 6-12 NCERT Materials
  5. Quick pointers for Exams
  6. Total 150+ hours of Free video course
Combo (set of 5 Books) NCERT Digest
  • Publisher – Disha Publication
  • Author – Disha Experts
  • Paperback – 1596 pages
  • Country – India
  • No. of Books -‎ 5 Count

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About Publisher: Disha Publication is a well-known publication for School and Test Prep segments, including Competitive Exams and Government Jobs.

About Combo (set of 5 Books) NCERT Digest

The book contains materials which is a perfect mix of old and new NCERT books. It covers class-wise chapters and topics and combines all the concepts of both old and new NCERT books.

The books are expertly written, and the content is designed with headings, sub-headings, and points for clarity. It covers the complete syllabus from the 6th to the 12th of NCERT books and is finally integrated into a standard chapter-wise plan.

The most interesting part of these books is that all the concepts are represented in a one-liner format for easy understanding and remembering.

The contents of these books are prepared for competitive exams, especially UPSC & State PSC Civil Services. It is a 100% exam-oriented book that has quick Pointers in every chapter to prepare for the exam.

These combo sets of books are a great resource, which are also powered with Video Courses. There are more than 30 hours of conceptual videos in each book and a total of 150+ hours of videos to learn and practice anywhere, anytime.

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