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How to Motivate Yourself to Study

You may feel tired after a class or long schedule and all you want is to play games and watch movies the whole day. But you are also worried about your homework due or a test coming up.

Even when you just started studying there are negative thoughts that are coming to your mind like; “Do I even understand these readings?”, “Can I complete this on time?”, “Am i good enough to do this?”.


In that situation you need to build up the motivation to study. Motivation is very much important while you are studying or performing any task. When you are motivated the things become easy for you to do and can stay focused for a period of time. But, sometimes it becomes tough to get started.

Here are some of the things you can follow to stay motivated for study.

1. Study a little everyday

Do not run away from your problem. The best solution to a problem is to face it. If you are not able to give enough concentration on your study then choose to read the most interesting and favorite topic. You can start with remembering tables, lists, short questions answers or try quizzes on the topic. Reading topics for at least 30minutes to 1 hours everyday will keep you within study.

2. Stay away from negative thoughts

Negative thoughts are the biggest enemy of a student. It is better to stay away from negative people or thoughts which can break your concentration while studying.

3. Reward yourself for studying

After completing a topic or portion of a syllabus reward yourself through a movie, a short tour or the food you like.

4. Follow motivational speakers

There are some very popular and interesting motivational speakers who inspire students with daily quotes, thoughts, videos and inspirational speeches. You can easily get updates from YouTube and other sources.

5. Do your favorite thing

Continuous studying with the same book or syllabus sometimes can increase your boredom.

Try to become more joyful, playful, and inspired by taking breaks and enjoy doing your favorite things like playing with friends, visiting some interesting places, and enjoying food with family.

So, whenever you feel bored you can follow these tips to stay motivated and continue studying.

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