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EduPoll : Do you like group study with friends?


Group study helps to clear doubts, learn new ways to solve problems, and more. But is that right for you?

Group study is one of the techniques of study where a small group of students meet to study together. The groups can be from a school, college, university or classes. When studying in groups students can motivate each other and incorporate new skills in their study techniques.

Do you like to study in groups? That’s the topic of our featured EduPoll today. So let us know by choosing an answer below.

There are a number of reasons to group study with your friends. It helps you to learn about various study techniques, maintaining schedules, knowing about the best study materials and resources, clearing doubts, improving general knowledge, and learning about new ways to solve problems.

In some competitive exams you may need to join group discussions at the time of interviews. So overall group study is beneficial for students.

But, some students might not feel comfortable with group study and they prefer self study to be more beneficial than study in groups with friends. You can let us know  whether you are comfortable with group study or not via the above poll.

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