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How to Become a Software Engineer – Complete Guide

The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.

No wonder software engineers have much to play in making technologies fit in appropriately in users’ lives.


If you have always wanted to become a software engineer, you definitely have chosen a challenging path. No wonder that irrespective of the industry type, every vertical is in need of a software engineer. They are the professionals who help to run the databases, mobile devices, backend systems, and much more. Being the experts in the field of computer science and the ability to use knowledge in the business enables businesses to improve.

However, if you are willing to become a software engineer, you have landed on the right path, as here we will look into the details of becoming a software engineer.

What is the job role of a software engineer?

The software engineers are the ones who have the ability to use the computer or mobile hardware and employ in the design of the company to make better use of it. Thus, there is a need for professionals to have a better understanding of business processes in order to create tools that can achieve business goals.

In the current times, software engineers use their abilities and knowledge in engineering, computer science, software development, and project management. They are the ones who are associated with creating the programs or tools to check the functionality of testing in order to make sure that the software gets the ability to run smoothly in the digital environment.

So keeping in mind the huge demand for software engineers in the current market, most students want to pursue the degree course. This is a great choice, but you need to keep a realistic expectation as the path is not easy.

How to Become a Software Engineer

Below we have mentioned some of the most important things to do to become a software engineer and start your IT career journey successfully.

Choose Computer Science Associated Degrees and Fields

This is the conventional way chosen by a software engineer after 12th. Many students choose to go for the computer science bachelor’s degree course where they get complete theoretical knowledge which offers them a better understanding of the software engineering principle.

The prime subjects that become helpful for students in acquiring a complete understanding of the subject include Web technology, mathematics, data Structure, Computer Networks, Programming Languages, Database Systems, and others. This also helps them to fathom the current software development approaches.

There are many employers who keep the eligibility criteria of 4 years of B.Sc in computer science for the aspirants. However, this is not something that would help you as a software engineer requires having theoretical knowledge and the ability to execute in the practical field. Recruiters would be seeking practical skills before they give you the position.

You Need To Learn Programming Languages

Similar to human communication, software engineers are the ones who communicate with computers. The language of communication is known as the programming language which computers understand. Holding a degree is definitely not helpful until you have knowledge of programming languages. This is something immensely beneficial when it comes to software development.

There are many languages that you can choose, and thus it remains up to you. Some of the programming languages are:

  • Javascript
  • C++
  • C#
  • Python
  • Java
  • Ruby

You don’t have to learn three to four languages as a beginner, but it is crucial that you start with one programming language and hold expertise in it. Since different types of software are developed using different languages, you need to be well-versed in the language you choose so that you are able to create software that would be beneficial for the company you are working for.

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You need to focus on learning the syntax, practicing to write some programs, and getting adapted to it. Don’t forget to learn the features, libraries, rules, advantages, and projects that can be developed using the language and its concept.

Pay Attention To Algorithms and Data Structures

Solving a problem step by step is known as an algorithm, and the way of data organization is called a data structure. These are the two major concepts that every programmer needs to solve problems in less time. These are the professionals who are expected to offer perfect solutions for problems without taking much time. Since they have knowledge of data structure and algorithms, they can find a suitable solution for a specific problem.

For example, when it comes to searching for something like an element from the vast data, there are two ways to search, one is binary search, and the other is linear search. It is a software engineer who needs to find which will be a better choice keeping in mind about taking less memory and time to do the data search. Thus, it is strongly recommended to the aspirants to pay attention to these two topics along with mathematics as these will help in making better designs and analyses.

Create your Own Software

Most of the employers that you wish to work for will be asking for hands-on experience irrespective of how much you have scored. Practical experience is considered utmost valuable than having theoretical knowledge. The CS fundamentals and the concepts that you have studied from textbooks would not be of any use unless you have shown them in your work. Thus, it is strongly recommended to put your skills into action that can be presented to your recruiter when they ask for some experience as a software developer.

The more you use your skills, the better you get, which is actually what the employers are looking for. So rather than waiting for the recruiters, you initially should create one amazing software that can impress your recruiters.

Work As An Intern

An internship is considered one of the best ways for the students to get knowledge about the industry, gain experience while earning something as well. You will find many companies looking for interns. Working with them can be valuable in terms of gaining experience and exposure in the real-time field. You will learn the challenges that come, the way to overcome them; you will also be able to polish your skill and eventually become better in your career.

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Look for a Job

Now that you have done everything that is required to impress recruiters and you have also gained ample knowledge about the work culture, your job role, the challenges, the way-outs, it is a good time to use them in a real field where you can be designated as a software engineer, software developer or senior software engineer. Make sure to give your best in the interview. However, you must know that there will be failures in your career, which you should not take as a demotivation, but as an inspiration. Since software engineers are exposed to vast challenges, you have to overcome and learn from your failures.

Just as Bill Gates once said, “It’s fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”

So now that you have gained ample knowledge on how to become software engineer, you must start from the very start. Plan after you complete your schooling so that you can gain understanding and get placement in the right company. It’s your time; get started from now.

Best of luck!