Let’s test your gk skill with some important GK facts about the National flag of India.

National flag of India

Q1. Who designed the national flag of India?

  • A. Mahatma Gandhi
  • B. Pingali Venkayya

Q2. The proportion of national flag of India is-

  • A. 1:3
  • B. 2:3

Q3. The national flag of India is at first proposed to Indian National Congress in-

  • A. 1920
  • B. 1921

Q4. The bhagwa or saffron color of the Indian National flag denotes-

  • A. Renunciation or Disinterestedness
  • B. Law of Dharma

Q5. The Ashoka Chakra in navy blue present at the centre of Indian National flag has-

  • A. 24-spoke wheel
  • B. 25-spoke wheel


Q1. B

Q2. B

Q3. B

Q4. A

Q5. A

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