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10 Best Chairs for Studying Long Hours India 2024

Are you searching for the best chair for study? We have listed down the most comfortable chair for studying for long hours for students in India. Keep reading this article!


We have picked the best study chairs with back support, ergonomic design, and good-quality cushion material.

Best Overall – Featherlite Astro Ergonomic Chair

Featherlite Astro Mesh Home & Office Ergonomic Chair is a medium back classic styled chair for long hours of study and work. It has adjustable lumbar, height adjustable seats, armrests, seat lock and head support for ultimate comfort.

For All Day Comfort – AmazonBasics Mid Back Office Chair

AmazonBasics Mid Back Office Chair can be used for study, accessing computers or any other work. It has a padded seat and back, seat height adjustment and dual wheel casters for ultimate comfort.

Best with Back Support – Amazon Brand – Solimo Elite High Back Mesh Office Chair

Solimo Elite High Back Mesh office chair is made of high-quality fabric and metal. It has 3D adjustable arm support and a tilt mechanism for ultimate comfort. With complete back support, It is one of the best study chairs for students in India.

Best Work from Home Chair – FUGO Office Chair Ergonomic for Computer Work & Study

It is an Ergonomic chair for Computer Work and study. This Chair is made with a thick moulded foam seat and has height adjustability.

Premium Quality Home & Office Chairs with Smart Grid Technology (Save up to 50% on The Sleep Company) – Click here for the Amazon Deal

The Sleep Company Home & Office Chairs have patented Smartgrid Technology with advanced Orthopedic Support for long hours of studying/working with cooling comfort.

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Do you want to study for a long time sitting on a chair? If so, you have reached the right place. We’ll tell you about the best chair for study as well as other activities like accessing computers, doing homework, and enjoying gaming in your free time. As a student, you may need a comfortable chair for study to maximize your productivity without any back pain or discomfort.

Summary of 10 Best Chair for Study

Can I use normal chairs to study for hours?

A normal chair lacks the ergonomic facility and padded seat back. A student during study time cannot adjust the height nor do the movement with normal chairs. It can give you back pain. 

If you really want to focus on your study during your homework or exam preparation, use an ergonomic chair with padded back support. It will help you to sit, relax and feel comfortable even after long hours of study.

Best Chair for Study Review

After doing some extensive research, we have found the 10 best study chairs for students available in the Indian market. These chairs will make sitting comfortably with adjustable height and range of movement. Let’s guide you one by one to the best chair for studying for long hours.

1. Featherlite Astro Medium Back Desk Fabric Arm Chair (Black) – Click here for Amazon deal

  • Ratings – 4.2 out of 5
  • Brand – Featherlite
  • Size – Medium Back
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity – 150 kgs
  • Assemble – DIY

Astro Medium Back Desk Arm Chair is a classic and comfortable study chair for students to study for long hours. The chair is integrated with brilliant functions and is easy to use for adjustments on dynamic seating.

The height adjustability function of this allows you to sit at any ergonomic position. The adjustable lumbar support allows you to work for long hours without any back pain.

This chair has features like five nylon casters for high load capacity and to reduce friction when rolling. The recline lock helps to increase the range of movement, which enhances your working experience. It has a breather mesh to keep your body cool and sweat-free. Astro Medium Back Armchair has a Pneumatic glass 4 gas lift to adjust the height efficiently. We can say this is the most comfortable study chair for students.

2. Amazon Brand – Solimo Elite High Back Mesh Office Chair – Click here for Amazon Deal

  • Ratings – 4 out of 5
  • Brand – Amazon Brand – Solimo
  • Size – High Back
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity – 150 kgs
  • Assemble – DIY

Amazon Brand Solimo Elite High Back Mesh office chair is a sleek black-coloured chair for comfortable everyday use. It is made with high-quality upholstery fabric for durability.

This chair comes with a 5-legged nylon base with 50mm castors for increased stability. It provides you with a class IV gas lift for easy lifting at your desired position. You can enjoy studying or doing your office work with comfortable back support, 3D adjustable arms, and TPU pads. 

Amazon Brand Solimo Elite High Back Chair has a synchro tilt mechanism with a single-locking feature and adjustable lumbar support for comfortable work for hours. It has passed the stability testing and holds a maximum of 110 kg of height. This chair needs basic assembly, which is included in the user manual. You will get a three-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

3. AmazonBasics Mid Back Office Chair – Click here for Amazon Deal

  • Ratings – 3.8 out of 5
  • Brand – AmazonBasics
  • Size – Mid Back
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity – 124 kgs
  • Assemble – DIY

AmazonBasics mid-back office chair is a sleek and professional-looking chair that gives you sophisticated support with all-day comfort during your long study or office work.

This chair is made with durable upholstery in black bonded leather and Leatherette material for a long-lasting experience. This also comes with 1 year of warranty. You can enjoy the padded seat and back for all-day comfort and support. It also has a pneumatic seat height adjustment with a 360-degree swivel for ergonomic movement.

AmazonBasics Mid-back office chair can handle a maximum weight of 124.7 kg. Basic assembly is required, which is provided with a step-by-step instructions manual.

4. Sunon Multi-Functional Adjustable Seat Height High Back Modern Ergonomic PVC Leather Chair – Click here for Amazon Deal

Sunon Multi-Functional Chair with a high back and wide armrests is not just for a particular type of work, it is an ergonomic computer chair on which you can comfortably sit, study, and access a PC for a long time.

Sunon Multi-Functional chair has a height adjustability function with flexible padded armrests. This chair is made with premium quality and high stability material and covered with PVC leather, which is water resistant and easy to clean. You will never feel pain in your neck or back as it comes designed with a detachable padded headrest pillow and lumbar cushion. When you feel tired during your work, you can use the massage function. It also has a retractable Nylon 5-star footrest to comfort your legs. All these functions make it one of the best chairs for a study that requires basic assembly included with the instructions manual.

5. FURNICOM CHAIRS™ Armo Mid Back Ergonomic Office Chair Computer Study Chair – Click here for Amazon Deal

FURNICOM CHAIRS™ Armo Mid Back Ergonomic Study Chair is made with comfortable material to work or study for long hours. It provides support with a spine-shaped design backrest.

The chair has a high-quality Cushion Back and thick Molded foam for ultimate comfort. It has a tilt mode that is designed to increase relaxation. You will also get Pneumatic control to adjust the height as per your need. This chair has an armrest, heavy-duty metal base and nylon wheels, which can take a maximum weight of 100kgs. Basic assembly is needed by you following step-by-step instructions mentioned in the manual.

6. BeAAtho Verona Mid Back Sturdy Metal Base Nylon Mesh Revolving Chair – Click here for Amazon Deal

BeAAtho Verona Mid Back Revolving Chair is ergonomically designed with a fully adjustable seat and nylon back support. This is a good chair for studying, and you will never feel sweaty with the breathable mesh.

This BeAAtho chair is proudly made in India. It has features like height adjustability, smart tilting, and a smooth 360-degree swivel. This is a DIY product, and basic assembly is required, which is included in the box. The product comes with three years of warranty.

7. Green Soul Seoul Mid Back Suitable for Working from Office & Home, Study Chair – Click here for Amazon Deal

Green Soul Seoul Mid Back Study Chair is the ultimate comfort chair with rocking mode. It also eliminates heat and moisture build-up to keep you always comfortable while working.

Its breathable mesh back, thick moulded foam seat, and armrest for ultimate comfort make this the best ergonomic study chair for you. This chair also provides you with pneumatic control for height adjustment and makes it easy to raise or lower the seat. Green Soul, making the best chair for the study, is available as a DIY product that needs basic assembly, which is shown in the assembly video. This product also comes with 1 Year of warranty.

8. CELLBELL® C104 Medium-Back Mesh Office/Study Chair – Click here for Amazon Deal

CellBell Medium Back, mesh Study Chair, provides you with the best in class sitting position for extra comfort. It also has lumber adjustment to push upward and down for better support to the back.

This chair has a 3-inch height adjustment seat with hydraulic control. It has features like mesh back fabric, a sturdy metal base, and a padded armrest for ultimate comfort. This chair can weigh up to 105 kg. You need the basic assembly to set up the chair. It comes with 12 months of warranty against manufacturing defects.

9. Savya Home® APEX Chairs™ Apollo Chrome Base HIGH Back Office CHAIR2 – Click here for Amazon Deal

The Savya Home Ergonomic Chair has a mesh back, a strong armrest and a 5-inch pneumatic height adjustment facility. It also has a 2-inch padded seat for ultimate comfort working for a day long.

This chair is made with top-notch material, which provides 1 year of warranty against breakage. It comes with one-touch height adjustment and tilt adjustment to improve your posture when working long. It provides a heavy gas lift for a long life. This is a DIY product, and the assembly instructions are provided with the box. This is one of the cheapest study chairs for students.

10. AB DESIGNS DESIGNS STARTS HERE Study chair – Click here for Amazon Deal

AB DESIGNS STARTS HERE Study chair is an ergonomically designed best study chair for long hours of study and for ultimate comfort seating. You can use this chair for study, a computer or any office work.

This mesh ergonomically designed chair is for your comfortable seating. It has adjustable Lumbar support to push upward, downward and flip as per your desired comfort and need. It also provides you with an adjustable seat that can be adjusted at different height levels by using the lever. This chair from AB DESIGNS has high-density moulded foam cushion & breathable material that allows air to circulate for comfortable seating.

Why do you need the best chair for studying for long hours?

Having a comfortable seat is largely beneficial in maintaining better health. It has been studied that students can study for longer hours when provided with a better sitting. Even when we hardly pay attention, it is a must for students to buy the best study chair.

These chairs are designed in a way that one can enjoy the ultimate benefits. Even when the harm of sitting in an abrupt position is not observed immediately, in the long run, it can be damaging. Besides, since these are designed keeping in mind the modern interior, you will be able to enjoy the ultimate advantages.

Increase Productivity

If you want to sit and study for long hours, the first thing is to choose a comfortable seat. When you feel the pain constantly, you will not be able to concentrate. It will result in becoming a disturbance.

So, in order to focus and improve your productivity, you need a study chair. It will improve efficiency and productivity to a good extent. Since these are designed with cushioned seats and backrests, these chairs can be a good inclusion. You can also look for an armrest if you think it is required to improve your productivity.

Reduce Body Pain

When you choose the best chair for studying for long hours, the most beneficial thing is their designs. Since these are considered ergonomic chairs, they offer support to your back and arms. Besides, the designs are created in a manner that can support your back for long hours.

So, when you bring home one such ergonomic study chair for your study purpose, you can remain assured about your health. Your skeletal system will get support from the perfect arm and backrest. Thus, even when you choose to sit on it for a longer time to complete your assignment or study, you can do that without feeling any pain.

Enhancing the Breathing Ability

When a chair has the perfect design, it will improve your posture. Remember that half of the time, when we sit, we forget to maintain our posture. But a study chair that has an ergonomic design will improve your posture. Even a study has shown that bad posture can have a serious impact on lung capacity and breathing.

Due to the tendons and frontal muscles, bad posture can have a bad effect on your health. Regular slouching can result in shortening them and have a bad impact on breathing capacity. In fact, when you slump on the seat, it decreases the capability of inhaling oxygen. So, when you choose the best chair for studying for long hours, it will improve your posture. Breathing ability will be improved to 30% with a good posture.

So, now that you have acquired some knowledge about the need for good posture, you might look for a study chair. Make sure that you do in-depth research before buying a chair that will support you throughout. This way, you can reduce pain and enjoy a better lifestyle.

FAQ about Choosing the Best Chairs for Study in India?

Q1. What is the best type of chair for studying?

Answer: Ergonomic study chairs are the best type of chair for studying. It provides you with the easy adjustment of height and can move in the way you need.

Q2. How to choose the study chair for back pain?

Answer: A study chair with back and neck support is best to get rid of back pain. It will give you a comfortable sitting without any back pain.

Q3. Which is the best chair for long hours of studying?

Answer: Our best study chair recommendation for long hours of studying is; Featherlite Astro Medium Back or Amazon Brand – Solimo Elite High Back Mesh Chair.

Q4. How to choose the best chair for a study table?

Answer: You need to measure the height of your study table first before buying a study chair. Ergonomic chairs with height adjustment facilities are best suited for a study table.

Best Chair for Study in Conclusion

Above, we have described some of the best study chairs available in the market today. We have chalked out all the important functions like; back support, neck support, arm support, ergonomic design, height adjustment and etc., to select the best chair for your study. These chairs can be used for studying for a long time and also in the home or office for all your regular work.

DISCLAIMER: The Basictell Picks team writes about stuff we think you will like. Basictell has affiliate partnerships, so we may receive a commission when you purchase/signup through our links. The product prices mentioned in the article may vary.

Disclosure: Basictell has affiliate partnerships, so we may receive a commission when you purchase/sign up through our links. Please note that the product prices mentioned in the article may vary.