How to dress for an Interview

Dressing for an interview is a vital factor. You have to know about what to wear and what not to wear on a Job interview. Because proper dressing at the time of interview can give a quick and good impression to the employer.

We all know about the fact that "First impression is the last impression". Your first impression is very much important at the time of interview on an employer. And this first impression will be always judged on your look and dressing.

Proper dressing suggestion:

Interview is a place where you have to present yourself as a professional. So the dressing for any kind of job interviews should be maintained professionally.

Dressing for Men:

Dressing for women:

Things to Avoid:

For men: Chewing Gum or anything. Bringing cell phone at interview hall. Wearing bright color (Red, Yellow, Green) of cloths.

For women: Unusual Jewellery such a long dangling rings or thumb rings. Too much make up to look great. Bringing cell phone at interview hall. Chewing Gum or anything. Wearing bright color(Red, Yellow, Green) of cloths. Wearing transparent cloths or visible inner wear.

Final tips:

Your Overall appearance should meet an aura of total professionalism.