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Common Telephone Interview Questions

Company: Hello I am calling from XYZ Company. I got your number from XYZ Job Recruitment Website. We have a current opening in our company for the position of XYZ OFFICER. And This is the job description: XYZ

You: ok Sir. I’m interested in this position.

Company: have you got any experience?

You: Sir currently i am working as a instructor/trainer in a computer institute. It is a Computer institute which gives training. on Basic IT knowledge, Computer Application, Computer Hardware, Computer Programming, and many other IT related subjects. or

You: No sir i don’t have any work experience. / No sir. I am a fresher.

Company: have you got any qualifications?

You: Yes sir i have completed MCA and also i am a cisco certified network associate.

Company: we need someone with experience

You: Sorry sir i am not experienced. But i have the knowledge to work for you. Beside this if i got little training from your company then i could easily handle the work.

Company: how much were you paid in your last job?

You: 15,000 a month

Company: Your resume looks good. we’d like to offer you the job. when can you start?

You: Ok sir. I’d like to take the job. I could start whenever you want me to.