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List of instruments


Instruments are used to measure the weight, length height, capacity, power, speed of a object or thing. There are various kinds of instruments used in the field of science, nature, technology, geography, astronomical objects etc.

Various Instruments and its uses

Altimeter : Measure the altitude of an object above a fixed level.

Ammeter : Measure the electric current in a circuit.

Amplifier : Used to increases the power of a signal.

Anemometer : Measure wind speed.

Barometer : Measure atmospheric pressure.

Calorimeter : Measure heat.

Chronometer : Measure time of Greenwich.

Colorimeter : Measure sharpness of light.

Commutator : Used to reverse the current(electric) direction.

Crescograph : Measure growth of plants.

Dictaphone : Used to record and type speeches.

Dynamometer : Measure power of engine.

Electroscope : Used to detect the presence and magnitude of electric.

Galvanometer : Used to detect electric current.

Hydrometer : Measure the relative density of liquids.

Hydrophone : Used for Underwater sound recording or detecting.


Hygrometer : Measure the moisture in the air.

Hygroscope : Used to detect the change of moisture level in the air.

Hypsometer : Measure height or altitude.

Inclinometer : Measure angles of tilt.

Incubator : Used to grow cell cultures.

Lactometer : Measure the relative density of milk.

Micrometer : Measure of small distances or angles.

Manometer : Measure the pressure of gases.

Megaphone : Used to amplify voice or sound.

Microscope : Used to see objects that are too small for naked eyes.

Microphone : Used to converts sound into an electrical signal and maintains the signal strength

Periscope : Used to see objects from a concealed position.

Planimeter : Used to determine the area of an plain.

Pyrheliometer : Measure the solar irradiance.

Pyrometer : Measure thermal radiation.

Radar : Used to determine the range or direction of objects using radio signal.

Rain gauge : Measure precipitation of a certain time.

Rectifier : Convert electrical signal AC to DC.

Salinometer : Measure the salinity of a solution.

Seismograph : Measure the strength of earthquakes and used to draw the seismograph.

Sextant : Measure the angle between two objects.

Spherometer : Measure curvature of a circular objects.

Sphygmomanometer : Measure blood pressure.

Stethoscope : Used to listen sound of heart and lung.

Telephone : Used to transmit sound.

Thermostat : Used to maintained system’s temperature.

Voltameter : Measure quantity of electricity.

Winometer : Used to know the amount of alcohol present in wine.