Important days and dates list

India is one and whole. It is true that in India there are various provinces, various languages and various cultures. But there is a unity in diversity. The people of India so long maintained a sense of unity which was based on their distinct culture. Some famous days and dates are celebrated or observed in India according to their culture. Importance of the days does not bind within a specific religion. These are observed all over India.

DateDay Observed or Celebrated asSignificance of the Day
January 11 World Laughter Day
January 12 National Youth Day National Youth Day celebrated on the Birth Day of Swami Vivekanada
January 15 National Army Day Army Day observed beacuse of the recognition of Lt. General K. M. Cariappa.
January 23 National Day of Patriotism National Day of Patriotism celebrated on the Birth Day of Netaji Subhas Chndra Vose.
January 24 National Girl Child Day National Girl Child Day is observed all over the India to offer more support to Girl Childs in the country.
January 25 National Tourism Day / Voters Day
January 30 Martyr's Day Death of Gandhiji.
February 4 World Cancer Day
February 21 International Mother Tongue Day International Mother Tongue Day observed on 21th February as per the recommendation by UNESCO
February 28 National Science Day In 28th February Raman Effect is invented by C. V. Raman.
March 8 International Womens Day
March 9 World Kidney Day
March 15 World Consumer Rights Day
March 15 World Disable Day
March 20 World Sparrow Day World Sparrow Day is celebrated on March 20 to raise the awareness about sparrow and how to protect them in the environment.
March 20 International Happiness Day
March 21 World Forestry Day
March 22 World Water Day
March 23 World Meteorological Day
March 24 World T.B. Day
April 2 World Autism Awareness Day
April 7 World Helath Day
April 21 Civil Service Day
April 22 Earth Day
April 23 World Book Day World Book Day is observed on the Birth Day of famous poet Shakespeare.
April 24 Panchayat Divas
May 1 International Labour Day
May 3 World Press Freedom Day
May 8 World Red Cross Day Birth Day of Henry Dunan, the founder of Red Cross
May 9 World Thalasseamia Day
May 11 National Technology Day
May 21 National Anti Terrorism Day Death of Rajib Gandhi.
May 24 Common Wealth Day
June 5 World Environment Day
June 26 International Drug Abuse Day
June 28 National Poors Day Birth Day of P. V. Narashima Rao
July 1 National Doctors Day National Docotors Day is observed on the Birth Day of Dr. B. C. Roy
July 11 World Population Day
August 6 Hiroshima Day
August 9 Nagasaki Day
August 12 International Youth Day
August 20 National Sadvabana Divas/ Godwill Day Birth Day of Rajiv Gandhi
August 29 National Sports Day Birthday of famous Hockey Player Dhaynchand.
September 5 Teachers Day Birth Day of Dr. Radhakrishnan.
September 8 International Literacy Day
September 14 Hindi Day
September 15 Engineers Day
September 16 International Ozone Day For the Preservation of the Ozone Layer.
September 27 World Tourism Day
October 1 International Day of Elderly
October 2 International Non-Violence Day
October 8 National Air-Force Day
October 9 World Postal Day
October 16 World Food Day
October 24 UNO Day(United Nation Day)
November 14 Children's Day Children's Day is celebrated on the Birth Day of Jawaharlal Neheru.
November 17 Student's Day
November 18 Adults Day
November 19 Citizens Day
November 27 National Law Day
December 1 World Aids Day To raise awareness about AIDS
December 3 International Handicapped Day
December 4 National Navy Day
December 7 Army Flag Day Army Flag Day is observed on 7th December to Help Defence Personal.
December 10 World Human Rights Day
December 23 Kishan Dibas
December 24 National Consumer Rights Day

National and Internation days observed in India

DateFamous for
1st JanWorld family day
9th jan Non resedential Indian day
10th janWorld laughter day
12th janNational youth day
15th janArmy day
23rd janDesh prem diwas
25th jan Indian tourism day
25th janInternational trade tax day
25th janInternational productive day
26th janInternational customs day
26th jan Indian republic day
29th janWorld news paper day
30th jan World leprosy eradiction day
30th jan Martyr's day
2nd sundayWorld marriage day
1st feb Coastguard day
4th feb World cancer day
14th feb Valentine's day
20th feb Arunachal day
21 feb World day for mother tongue
24th feb Central excise day
28th feb National science day
3rd march National defence day
4th marchNational security day
8th marchInternational women's day
11th march Andaman day
15th march World consumer's right day
5th march World disabled day
16th march National vaccination day
21 march Elimination od recial discrimina
21march World forestry day
22nd march World day for water
23rd march World metrological day
24th march World tuberculosis day
26th march World play day
30th march Rajasthan day
1 april Orisa day
5th aprilNational maritime day
5th aprilSamta diwas
7th aprilWorld health day
12th aprilWorld aviation and cosmonautic day
13th aprilJallianwala day
14th aprilFire brigade day
15th aprilHimachal day
15th aprilInternational special librarian's day
17th aprilWorld haemophilia day
18th aprilWorld heritage day
21st aprilSecretaries day
22nd aprilEarth day
23rd aprilWorld book day
24th aprilManav ekta diwas
26th aprilWorld chernobil day
1st mayInternational labour day
1st mayMaharastra diwas
3rd mayWorld press freedom day
3rd mayInternational power day
4th mayCoal mine day
2nd sunday of mayWorld mother's day
8th mayWorld red cross day
9th mayWorld thalasamia day
11th mayNational technology day
12th mayInternational nurse day
13th mayNational solidarity day
15th mayInternational day of families
17th mayWorld telecommunication day
21st mayAnti terrorism day
24th mayCommonwelth day
29th mayEverest day
31st mayNo-Tobacco day
5th juneWorld environment day
8th junePoor day
14th juneInternational blood doner's day
20th juneWorld father's day
26th juneInternational day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking
27th juneDiabetis day
1st julyDoctor's day
11th julyWorld population day
15th julySalary savings day
23rd julyWorlds parents day
1st augustWorld breast feeding day
3rd augustInternational friendship day
1-7th augustBreast feeding week
6th augustHiroshima day
9th augustNagasaki day
9th augustQuit India day
15th augustIndian Independence day
18th augustWorld tribal day
20th augustSadbhavna day
29th augustNational sports day
5th septemberSanskrit day
5th septemberTeacher's day
8th septemberWorld literacy day
14th septemberHindi day
16th septemberWorld ozone day
21st septemberEngineer's day
21st septemberAlzheiuer's day
21st septemberInternational peace day
26th septemberDay for dumb
27th septemberWorld tourism day
1st octoberInternational day for the Elderly
1st octoberWorld music day
2nd octoberWorld vegetarian day
2nd octoberWorld animal day
4th octoberWorld animal welfare day
5th octoberWorld habitate day
7th octoberInternational day for natural disaster reduction
8th octoberAir force day
9th octoberWorld post day
10th octoberNational post day
11th octoberWorld allergy awarness day
12th octoberWorld eye day
13th octoberUN International day for natural disastar reduction
15th octoberWorld white cane day
16th octoberWorld food day
24th octoberInformation day
24th octoberUN day
27th octoberInfuntry day
30th octoberWorld thieft day
31st octoberNational integration day
7th novemberWorld cancer consciousness day
9th novemberLegal service day
13th novemberWorld run day
14th novemberWorld diabetis day
14-20th novemberAll India co-operative week
14th novemberChildren's day
17th novemberWorld epilepsi day
18th novemberSapper's day
19th novemberCitizen's day
20th novemberAfrica industrialization day
1st decemberWorld AIDS day
3rd decemberInternational day of disabled person
4th decemberNavy day
5th decemberInternational volunteer day
7th decemberFlag day
7th decemberArmed forces flag day
10th decemberHuman rights day
14th decemberNational energy conservation day
23rd decemberKishan diwas