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Top 10 Best Courses After 12th Arts

Are you a student from an arts background? Looking for the best courses after 12th arts to build a successful career?

Best Courses after 12th Arts

Building a career requires lots of hard work and dedication. But selecting the right path can bring you quick success. If you passed your 12th from arts, there are plenty of opportunities available to build a stunning career and get a handsome income. It will be easy for you to find the courses after 12th arts to meet your interest – to become a writer or news reporter, teacher/professor, Sales & Marketing Professional, Lawyer, and more.

In this article, we will list various career options after 12th arts in different categories. They will help you to choose the right courses and bring your career on the right track.

Best Courses After 12th Arts

These are the best career options in the arts stream.

1. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Bachelor of Arts is a full time undergraduate bachelor degree in arts. If you have completed your 10+2 from Arts stream then this is the perfect degree for you. In B.A. Arts you can choose from different specializations like; History, Geography, Literature, Journalism, Sociology, Mass Communication, Environmental Science and more.

With these specializations you can get lots of job opportunities like; teachership/professorship, media professional, aviation jobs and other work in government agencies.

2. Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is a bachelor’s degree for students after 12th arts. It is a good career option for aspirants to work in industries like Film, Music, Painting, Writing, Architecture, Animation and other.


BA LLB (Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws) is a Integrated 5 years program offered at undergraduate level. It combines two full fledged courses BA and Bachelor of Legislative Law (LLB).

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4. Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (B.J.M.C)

BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication) is a 3 year undergraduate course divided into 6 semesters. Candidates from any discipline are eligible for the course.This is the best course for students who want to start their career in the media industry. After completing this course you can get various career opportunities like Journalism, Television Production, Event Manager, Film Production, Advertising, Social Media Management and more.

5. Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) is one of the most demanding courses after 12th Arts. It is a 3year full-time undergraduate course that opens opportunities in various sectors like; Marketing, Sales, Finance, and other Government agencies.

6. Bachelor of Fashion Design (B.F.D.)

Bachelor of Fashion Design (B.F.D.) is one of the most popular courses after 12th arts. It is a 3-4 years undergraduate course to start your career in the fashion industry.

7. Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM)

Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) is an undergraduate program of 3 years to build a career in Media and Mass Communication.

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8. Bachelor of Hotel Management (B.H.M.)

Bachelor of Hospitality Management (B.H.M.) is a 3-4 year undergraduate course for students from any stream. This course gives you different specializations like; hotel management, tourism, event management and other.

9. BCA (IT and Software)

Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA) is an undergraduate program of 3 years to get a degree in Information Technology and IT services. Students of 12th from any stream with Maths can apply for this program. BCA gives you lots of career opportunities like; Software Engineer, Computer Analyst, Network Operator and many others.

10. Diploma in Education (DEd)

Diploma in Education (DEd) is an undergraduate degree for aspirants who want to choose teaching as their profession. DEd is one of the popular diploma courses after 12th arts. It is a UG level degree that can be pursued after 12th.


These are the best courses after 12th arts. There are also many other career options after 12th arts are available for aspirants like; banking courses, computer courses, & other professional courses. You just need to decide your career goal before taking up any course. You can also follow our career guides regularly to become successful in your career.

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