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Why is January 26 Celebrated as Republic Day? Significance and History

26th January is one of the most precious dates in Indian history. Every year, this day has been celebrated throughout the nation as Republic day. The reason why 26th January marks a grand celebration is on this day of 1950, the Indian Constitution came into effect.


On this day every year, the citizens of India celebrate the date as Republic day. Being a remarkable day when Indian continuation started working, the day is marked as an auspicious day. On 26 January, 1950, India got its freedom from British rule and started abiding by the government of India.

Every year, this day is being celebrated as the national holiday, and the parade is one of the most attractive events that you get to see on this day. You can check the parade that starts from Rajpath in Delhi and continues till India Gate.

Republic Day 2022:

This year, India is celebrating the 73rd Republic day. However, due to the outbreak of COVID, certain changes were made by the Government of India. Some of the major changes will be witnessed in the parades and troops. Short troops and parades were created, which is limited to 96 to 144. There are several other COVID-associated measures that have been taken to limit the spread.

History of Republic Day:

Back in 1950, just a few years after India got Independence from the rule of the British; on 26th January the Indian constitution started its action. The government started acting as the prime law of the nation. The Indian constitution passed and was adopted on 26th November 1949. This again started its effect from 26th January 1950. 

The Indian constitution was headed by Dr. BR Ambedkar, Muhammed Saadullah, K.M. Munshi, Gopala Swami Ayyangar, and N Madhava Rao. Dr. Rajendra Prasad was elected the first President of the nation, who was also the President of the Drafting Committee.

Significance of Republic Day:

Being one of the second longest and longest active constitutions, this day is given consistent respect with a range of activities by the government. It will lay down the duties, procedures, principles, powers that would be with the government along with the fundamental rights that every citizen of the nation holds.

In Indian history, 26th January holds a massive impact as it provides the power to the Indian citizens to choose their own government. Being a democratic nation, every citizen has the power to elect their government. The day is being celebrated as a national holiday throughout the nation.

On this particular day, the government and schools perform a lot of functions as a way to celebrate. Different kinds of events are organized in schools and colleges to teach the students about the significance of this day. Not only the central government but also the state governments of different states organize a range of events to convey their thoughts and spread positivity.

How is Republic Day of 2022 Being Celebrated?

Similar to every year, this year also the Government of India would celebrate this day in a huge way. The grand scale celebration is something that the citizens love to watch. You will be able to watch the amazing celebration in the National capital of India.

The prime attraction of the place is the amazing parade. The parade starts from Rajpath, where you will be able to witness the multiple hues of the cultural heritage of the nation and also the military powers. The President of the nation is the leader of the Forces, which will pay tribute with his speech and presence to the soldiers who have given their precious lives to save their motherland.

Apart from that, there will be an award section where you can find that the Indian President would give bravery awards to the citizens, military personnel, and children who have shown their extreme courage for the sake of the nation. Prior to this award section, the Indian Prime Minister would pay his tributes for the fallen soldiers and would lay the wreath at Amar Jawan Jyoti present in the India Gate. From Red Fort, the Prime Minister would also address the nation.

Republic Day marks it as one of the crucial days for the Indian constitution and the citizens. The celebration takes place in the capital of the nation from where live telecast would be done to broadcast and every citizen could witness.

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