IBPS Clerk Exam

IBPS or the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection is the responsible body that conducts the Clerical cadre exam. If you are willing to participate in the IBPS clerk exam, the tentative date is provided in the month of December every year.

Therefore, since you don’t have much time, you must start preparing from now. Here we will discuss some of the rewarding preparation tips that would help you to crack the clerical exam.

IBPS is the responsible body for the different kinds of banking exams that are under the Public Sector. This exam is the gateway for the journey that would allow you to achieve your goals of the dreamt designation.

There are limited number vacancies for this post published every year. However, if you want to come under these numbers, you have to start studying from now onwards. But in order to prepare, the very first thing that you would do is the exam pattern and the syllabus of the exam.

Therefore, in this article, we will have a quick look at everything that would help you to make a solid preparation for the IBPS Clerk exam.

IBPS Clerk Exam Preparation Tips

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that the marks you score in the prelims do not get added to the overall marks. Hence you can just focus on qualifying for the exams rather than scoring high. Therefore, you can focus on these things to make sure you are able to crack the exam.

Time management is absolutely necessary: You have to make sure that you are attempting the questions. The more you attempt, the more will be your eligibility to go to the next phase. Hence, it is suggested to divide your time accordingly so that you can attempt the questions.

Be accurate: This is exceptionally a main point for both prelims and mains. Guesswork will not work; instead, it will harm your scores. Therefore, make sure that you know the answer, and you are sure about it. Otherwise, you might keep increasing the negative markings.

You have to be fast: You have to be very fast in attempting the questions. You will hardly have a minute for every question. So, how can you be that fast?

Time Management: When you are practicing, make sure you are able to manage your time in a way that you can go through each and every question included in the exam. This is because some questions are intentionally made complex, taking you to the lion’s den. But no, you have to create time management to be able to go through the questions and mark the answers to the known questions pretty much then. This can make it easier.

To be able to make a perfect strategy, here is how you can do it.

  • Complete the English section: This will hardly take a minimum of time. You have to give a maximum of 13 to 15 minutes of the total time to complete the section and should be able to attempt every question.
  • Once you are done with English, the rest of 45 to 50 minutes will be based on your preferred subjects. Consider prioritizing the subjects that you are confident about. Break down the time in your mind and start. Remember to attempt the portion last where you are not confident.
  • So, complete English first followed by your chosen subject and lastly the one you generally are not that confident.

How to Increase the speed for IBPS Clerk Exam?

No wonder speed matters a lot in the IBPS clerk exam or any other competitive exam. Besides, you have to be accurate as well. So, how to do it?

  • Read the comprehensions: You can start with reading the comprehension first, but even before that, you can start with reading the questions before. This way, while reading the passage, you will be able to find the answers and complete the section within the given time.
  • Data Interpretation: In case the answers you have on the sheet are not the same as you have calculated, don’t worry. Do not go for solving again; rather, if you know that you have done the right procedure, consider marking the answer that is closest to your answer.
  • Long calculations: You can start by working with speed mathematics. Make sure you have memorized the tables till 20. Don’t forget to memorize the cubes till 15 and squares till 30.

Keep a Note

Even when it is a computerized exam, you should keep track of your preparation. This will not become helpful in studying but can be beneficial in the times of revising as well.

Take Mock Tests Regularly

This is probably one of the simplest ways to prepare yourself for the exam. Make sure you have solved the previous year’s question papers. The more you appear for the mock tests, the more you improve your chances of scoring as it provides you the confidence to solve. This is one of the simplest ways of improving yourself.

You can follow the online mock tests to prepare yourself in a better way. These online mock tests can help you to face the questions in real-time and evaluate your performance. The correct response will gradually help you to score and make better preparation.

So, if you are going to sit for the IBPS clerk exams, you can start preparing by following these tips. This way you will be able to improve the chances of cracking this competitive exam and secure a job in a prestigious public bank.

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