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How to be a Good Parent

Every mom and dad wants to be the best mom and dad to their kids. However, only a few are able to secure the place. Parenting is probably one of the toughest segments of our lives. It requires ample time and patience to become a great parent.


Of Course there is no definition of good parenting, but then again there are certain traits that you can follow from the initial days to stay assured that your kids fall in love with you. To fit into the definition, you must know about practicing these skills.

Remember; try to keep your ears to your little one instead of being a conventional parent. Understanding is a major asset in every relationship.

Following are some of the major traits:

Be a Support System for Your Kids

No doubt that every parent would want their kids to succeed. They sometimes do it like demanding, pushing, threatening or bribing. Pushing your kids to compel them for something will not help your kids to achieve top grade or secure a great career but understanding would.

When you try to push your child to attain something without understanding their difficulties, you are not being supportive. It is more like fulfilling your own dreams. This leads to creating distance when they grow up.

Certainly this is not a great approach. If you really want to be a better parent, you must start supporting and understanding your child. Listen to them, understand what they want to say and support them when they need you.

Let them be Independent

A parent who wants their kids to excel understands the importance of being independent. You can definitely offer help to your child, but you must not do things for them. You should provide them the opportunity to understand the importance of doing it alone.

Starting from an early age to do the homework or daily chores on their own can be the right start for your child. As a good parent, you should always be there to guide but also give them a chance to do it on their own. Handling things on their own can help them to figure out the needs they want.

For example, you should never do your child’s homework, but can definitely offer help when they are unable to solve any question.

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Be Mindful of Your Own Action

When you have a little one, you must know that they have the tendency to catch things they see and hear. Therefore every time you receive a phone call or you talk to your neighbor, be mindful about the words you speak.

No doubt that all parents are not perfect, at least you can try to think before you speak. Your child will do what they see and therefore only when you are empathetic, well-mannered and kind, they will start learning.

Appreciate and Apologize

Just like when you do a task, you would like your manager to be appreciative of you similarly when your child is doing something great, you should appreciate it. This will motivate them to perform better and encourage them to continue doing and perfecting it.

Apart from that, whenever you as a parent forget something or make a mistake, do apologize to your little one. When you start saying sorry for your mistakes, your kids learn to say sorry too. This tends to make them responsible for their actions.

Teach them to Become a Good Human

Being a good parent, you must encourage your kids to be good at heart rather than just being good in grades. Grades are necessary but being a good human is a rare trait. You must try to take them outside, talk to people irrespective of status gender, caste and other societal discrimination.

When you start doing it, they start learning that it is another essential part of living. This way your activities will have a direct impact on your little one.

Bottom Line

Kids who are growing up and studying need constant attention from their parents. However being a better parent means being supportive. You need to listen if they are facing any issues while studying or listen to if someone is bullying them. A great parent ensures a great upbringing on a child. This will not only show in their grades but also make sure of being a better human being.

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