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10 Effective Ways You Can Improve Your Memory to Score High

Are you working hard yet failing to memorize everything that you have learned? If you have been trying hard every time but are unable to improve your memory then the first step is always to work on improving your memory. No wonder you are looking for ways to increase your memory and score higher. So, here we will talk about the best ways to improve retention and enjoy better scores.


It is always a good choice to use a reminder system. You can use a writing system to track the exam, tasks, exam dates, etc. Creating a comprehensive to-do list can be a lot beneficial to studying in a strategic manner. But this would not improve your memory. Strategic planning will help you to complete your syllabus while memory retention ability will help you to score higher.

So keep reading to know more.

How you can Improve Your Memory to Score High

1. Tips To Improve Your Memory

These tips are offered to keep an active brain that can help to improve your memory.

Check Your Memory: So, the first thing that you need to do is check if you can really remember anything. It actually improves your memory to 50%. This can be especially beneficial if you wish to accomplish something.

  • Playing quizzes with yourself is a great way to amplify the learning procedure.
  • Prospective memories like keeping in mind studying in a planned manner or recollecting something.

2. Study and Say It Aloud

While studying you need to start practicing about studying loudly. If you wish to retain the information, this is one of the most effective ways of doing it. You need to start reading the textbooks loudly as it can help your ears to listen and brain to retain. This is a great way to add recollection value.

This process is more like commanding your brain to retain everything that you have read. So, every time when you study, remember to study aloud.

3. Rehearsing is a must

Integrating memories into long term and stable memories are called memory consolidation. If you wish to remember something, you have to rehearse it for 40 seconds. As mentioned previously, you have to speak out loud and rehearse it for the next 40 seconds. This will help to memorize it.

Some of the most common actions like mentally recreating events or you think of what someone has explained can be highly effective in improving your memory.

4. Proper nutrition and diet

As you know that what you put inside will show on your outside. You must know that the meals that you consume or throw have a huge impact on your memory. Therefore, it is a must for you to keep in mind a balanced diet.

  • You must pay attention to including healthy fats like fish oils. Omega-3 fatty acids, coconut oil, and extra virgin olive oils as these are very healthy for your brain.
  • Vegetables and fresh leaves have been researched to improve the capacity of your memory.
  • The Mediterranean diet is also highly effective in preventing cognitive damage and boosting your memory.
  • Blueberries and walnuts can help your brain function. Lutein rich foods like avocados, spinach and kale can prevent memory loss.
  • Chocolate is found to help memory and information processing.

5. Regular exercising

Healthy body will always lead to a healthy life. Therefore if you wish your memory to remain in good shape, you have to maintain a healthy body and mind.

  • Workouts might help to improve your cognitive skills and memory.
  • Proper exercising will help to improve blood flow in your brain and boost cognitive performance.
  • A decent workout can operate better and promote nerve cells.
  • Exercising increases the oxygen in the brain.

6. Proper sleep

In the research, it has been proved that our bodies can optimize the recently acquired knowledge when we sleep. It can also help to store memory. As per the research, it has been proved that children will need 7 to 9 hours of sleep to maintain their mental and physical well being. A proper good night’s sleep is highly effective in boosting knowledge retention.

7. Reading

Reading books is perhaps one of the best ways to train and engage your brain. As per the research, it shows that reading can be helpful in living longer. With so many magazines, novels, and newspapers readily available in the market, it can be easy to develop and practice the habit of reading.

8. Less Stress

If you are stressing more about the exam, it will actually hamper your brain’s capability. So, you have to make sure that you engage more in studying and reading to reduce your stress level. Proper sleep is also highly effective in doing that. Involve in preparation and take less stress to retain your knowledge.

9. Relax your mind and body

When it is about retaining your studies, you have to make sure that you relax yourselves. One of the best ways to relax your mind is to get involved in meditation. When you meditate, not only your mind gets relaxed, but also can manage your stress to a huge level. You will be able to improve your potential this way.

Bottom Line

So now that you have learned about the techniques to boost your memory, you will not face issues any further. Every student needs to develop their memory and so they need to find the best ways. Make sure to follow these few techniques to enjoy greater benefits.

Remember that meditation and exercise are highly beneficial for your brain development. So, keep eating healthy to improve your memory.