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Top 10 Best Mathematics Teachers on YouTube in India

Are you feeling exhausted by looking for the best maths teacher on YouTube? Without further wasting your time, let’s check the list of the most popular and best Mathematics teachers on YouTube. 

Best maths teacher on YouTube

Mathematics is a vital subject whether you are studying in Class 11 or 12 or want to appear for any competitive exams like SSC CGL, Bank, Insurance, Railway and other competitive exams. Regular practice, as well as clear concepts, is needed to solve the Maths problem. That’s why you need a good Maths teacher.

Here, In this article, we have brought to you some of the best Mathematics teachers on YouTube; after that, you will never feel that Mathematics is a burden for you. Check the list of the 10 best Mathematics Teachers online below.

Our Top Picks:

  • Best Maths Teacher On YouTube For Class 12 – Sal Khan (Khan Academy)
  • Best Math Teacher On YouTube for Competitive Exam – Gagan Pratap
  • Best Maths Teacher For SSC CGL On YouTube – Rakesh Yadav
  • Best Maths Teacher For Bank Exam On YouTube – Saket Sir

List of 10 Best Maths Teachers on YouTube

Here is the list of the best Mathematics teachers on YouTube in India and their proficiency, speciality and popularity.

1. Khan Academy – Check YouTube Channel

Khan Academy is a non-profit institution whose main aim is to provide free education to all. The teaching method is very simple and comprehensive. The academy solves the problems through interactive classes, articles, and videos. Khan Academy founder Sal Khan, is one of the best maths teachers on YouTube for all classes and entrance exams.

The exciting part of learning with the Khan Academy website or app is that it tracks every registered student’s performance and checks their progress. The data is then provided to the teachers so that they can identify the faults between teachers and students. The teachers then try to check out the problems that are faced by the students. Khan Academy not only provides guidance to school students, but It also has courses for SAT and LSAT practices.

2. Maths with Pawan Rao – Check YouTube Channel

Pawan Rao Sir is one of the most preferable and best maths teachers on YouTube. He tries to teach the students with full efficiency. He does not have any Special app or course structure for the students. Aspirants can easily access the classes through YouTube. He has helped his students clear multiple competitive exams through YouTube.

  • YouTube Subscribers: 921K
  • Total Views: 100+ Million

3. Rakesh Yadav – Check YouTube Channel

Rakesh Yadav is one of the best and most prominent Maths teachers on YouTube. He guides students for various competitive exams, including SSC CGL and other Government and Private recruitment exams.

He has a publication named “Rakesh Yadav Readers Publications”. He publishes exam notes, study materials and books. His study materials are easy, accessible, and comprehensive to all the students, and he is described as the magician of Maths.

  • YouTube Subscribers – 4.32+ Million
  • Total Views – 300+ Million

4. Aditya Ranjan – Check YouTube Channel

Aditya Ranjan is one of the top Maths teachers on YouTube. His teaching is very helpful for the aspirants who are preparing for SSC CGL. He is currently working on the post of Central Excise Inspector. He has cracked his job by scoring 644 out of 700 in the SSC CGL 2019.

5. Gagan Pratap – Check YouTube Channel

Gagan Pratap is a hugely popular name in the field of competitive exam teaching. He is one of the best maths teachers on YouTube for competitive exams, including SSC, IBPS, Railways, etc. You can also get his lectures on Careerwill App.

In most of his videos, he makes a detailed analysis of the exam he is teaching to candidates. His videos are conceptual and easy to understand for various Government exam preparations in India.

  • YouTube Subscribers: 3.91+ Million
  • Total Views: 100+ Million

6. Abhinay Sharma – Check YouTube Channel

Abhinay Sir is one of the best Maths teachers in India with vast experience in teaching. He runs a YouTube channel with the name “Abhinay Maths”. He also teaches students and helps them prepare for various Govt. exams through offline classes in Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi. Currently, he is working as an educator at Unacademy. He is an experienced and specialist teacher for SSC CGL. He has appeared for the SSC CGL exam and cleared it 5 times with 99% marks in the mathematics section. If you are searching for a comprehensive guide to maths, she is the right choice.

  • YouTube Subscribers: 2.66+ Million
  • Total Views: 200+ Million

7. Mohit Goyal – Check YouTube Channel

Mohit Goyal sir is also one of the best Mathematics teachers in India, and he is a proficient teacher in Maths. He offers high-quality maths solutions on YouTube Channel and as well as he has an app named MG Concepts. He is very active on social media to stay connected with the students.

  • YouTube Subscribers: 377K

8. Sahil Khandelwal – Check YouTube Channel

Sahil Khandelwal is one of the famous maths teachers for competitive exams in India. He is well known for teaching maths for SSC CGL exams and has more than 13 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is also a teacher for SSC exams at Unacademy. One of his popular lessons on YouTube has crossed 1 million likes, which is the highest in the YouTube exam preparation category. We can say he is currently one of the specialists and best Maths teachers on YouTube for all SSC (Staff Selection Commission) exams.

  • YouTube Subscribers: 692K
  • Total Views: 8+ Billion

9. Saket Sir

Saket Sir is one of India’s well-known and best maths teachers for bank exams. He provides guidance for the IBPS, Clerk, PO and other Govt. exams.

Previously, he has successfully cleared the SSC, CAT, RAS, and CDS exams. He is never stopped with one thing, and he is always trying to be better. The name of his YouTube channel is UTKARSH Classes, Jodhpur.

  • YouTube Subscribers: 11.9 Million
  • Total Views: 3+ Billion

10. Dixit Sir – Check YouTube Channel

Dixit Sir is an experienced teacher in Mathematics, too. He teaches in a simple and comprehensive way. Dixit Sir is currently working as an educator at Byjus’s Exam and Prep. He is now working as an Income Tax Inspector. He tries to teach the students in a convenient way.

  • YouTube Subscribers: 212k 
  • Total Views: 15+ million


This is an article on the most recommended and quality mathematics teachers on YouTube to learn mathematics in an easy way. However, students should keep in mind that every teacher has his own style of teaching. So, before following anyone for the preparation of an exam, it is recommended to check whose teaching style is easier and more convenient to understand and solve mathematical problems easily.

It is true to say that Mathematics is a headache for many students. But, these maths teachers are working day and night and guiding students in an easier manner for better and quick understanding. At last, the students need to stay focused to fulfill their dreams.