The equality of two ratios is called proportion.

In other words,

If two ratios are equal then the two ratios or the quality of two ratios make a proportion.


Since 2:5 = 4:10 and say that 2,5,4,10 are in proportion.

properties of proportion

Note: Proportion can be restated as "two sets of numbers are in proportion to one another when one set is a constant times the other"

Continued Proportion

If the price of 3kg and 6kg rice is 6 dollar and 12 dollar respectively.Then

3:6 = 6:12 or 3 = 6
6 12

So, here we can see the Consequent of the 1st ratio is equal to the Antecedent of the 2nd ratio.

Now we can say that 3,6,12 are in Continued proportion.