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Top 18 Web Series in India

Check out the top web series in India to Watch in 2023.

Top web series in India

If you are an entertainment bug, these days you will not find a single dull day. As OTT has become one of the most common platforms for people, now you can easily find some of the best web series in India. These web series are from different genres and will never fail to keep you entertained. So without further talking, let us find out some of the top web series in India that are currently getting huge impressions from viewers.

List of Top Web Series in India

We have selected highest rated and watched web series in India, including the top 10 web series in India.

1. Rocket Boys

Rocket Boys is among the top web series in India, which is a biographical series completely based on the lives of Vikram Sarabhai and Homi J Bhabha. These were the pioneers of the Indian Nuclear program and the Atomic Research Centre. The incredible plot of these web series mainly revolves around their intellectual minds and innovation. You will also find amazing scenes where they spent three decades together developing some of the most significant inventions in India, like building a tiny rocket and then successfully launching a rocket which is a historical achievement for India. Season two is already launched, and people love it just like the previous one.

2. The Family Man

Family Man is one of the most viewed web series in India. Its storyline is one of the principal reasons for getting such a huge fan, and also because of the fantastic cast. It features Shrikant Tiwari, Manoj Bajpai, Priyamani, Samantha, et cetera, who are already known as some of the most amazing actors. This series has received great appreciation from the Indian audience, and they are waiting for the sequel. The series consists of a storyline where the senior officer works for a National Investigation Agency with a close friend. They keep travelling to solve crimes and find criminals who are a threat to society. The entire series focuses on their hurdles and problems and also gives a glance at how their personal lives have been devastated due to their devotion to work. Because of its huge popularity, we keep 2nd in our top web series in India list.

3. Aspirants

Aspirants are the next best web series in India that shows the friendship and journey of 3 UPSC aspirants. We all know that UPSC is one of the toughest exams to crack. Here, the story revolves around three best friends – Guri, SK, and Abhilash, who want to crack the UPSC exam. It is a top Hindi series where we will find the trauma and struggles of the students who appears for this exam. Apart from this, the great storyline also shows their friendship and how it endures against the odds. It is an excellent movie for students as it will provide them with a peek into the life of UPSC aspirants.

4. Paatal Lok

If you are in search of a thriller series, Pataal Lok is one of the best choices and most watched web series in India. It has been produced by Anushka Sharma and is known as one of the best web series in India. It has a fantastic trailer that immediately gets the attention. This web series has already won several awards for its fantastic performance and outstanding direction and plot. The story revolves around a cop who has been assigned to investigate a case and gets entangled with the underworld and how he finds a way to get out of it and find justice.

5. Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side

To continue providing the best web series in India with a crime thriller plot, Asur is the next recommendation. It has already received several positive feedback from audiences and critics for great screenplay and direction. The plot is about a former CBI forensic officer who currently works as a teacher but was asked to serve the Central Bureau of Investigation. On the journey, he discovers that he got trapped with a serial killer in the game. The overall series shows that good will always win over evil.

6. Kota Factory 

Kota Factory is one of a kind web series and is definitely the top web series in India. This is the first black-and-white web series that demonstrates the education system and how it is bound by some values that do not make any sense. It shows the story of a student and his journey to a new city. It shows the problems of ordinary people and how it is avoided. The protagonist of this web series is an IIT aspirant coming from a small town to fulfill his dreams but has to go through a lot of adjustments.

7. Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story 

Scam 1992 is the Harshad Mehta story that blew away everyone’s mind. It is the most viewed web series in India because of being a financial thriller. Its phenomenal cast and extraordinary performance made it one of the best web series in India. It features Pratik Gandhi, who became an overnight star because of his excellent performance with Sreya Dhanwanthary. It also includes some super popular songs which people are playing in a loop.

8. Candy

If you are in search of the best web series in India, Candy is the next recommendation. This is a fiction-based series that shows the murder of a young student who belongs to a small town. The story involves DSP Ratna with her co-investigator and how they work with each other to solve this mysterious crime. If you want to know the real reason behind the name Candy, you need to watch these web series.

9. Mirzapur

This is definitely the top web series in India which is among the favorites for many. The desi look and the raw attributes in this web series made it one of the best series among people. It has an excellent cast, including Ali Fazal, Pankaj Tripathi, Divyendu Sharma, and a lot of other actors who totally did justice to this series. It has impressive dialogues and is filled with powerful actions, which makes it one of the best web series so far.

10. Panchayat

Panchayat is definitely the best web series in India; that became popular for several reasons. Audiences loved the plot and direction of the web series. Panchayat got released during the lockdown and which helped people to relate to this web series. As we have seen how the lockdown affected people, the series was able to take the heart of people by storm. It has a plot around the engineer who did not have job opportunities outside the village and had to accept the secretary position in the Panchayat office. It is also a comedy-drama.

11. Special OPS

Special OPS is a great series to watch when it is about the espionage genre. It is among the most viewed web series in India that took the audience. The leading role includes Kay Kay Menon, who had an exceptional screen presence. The plot revolves around Menon with his junior secret agent and how they work together to protect the country from different terrorist activities. The badass character portrayed by Menon and the way of tackling problems unhesitatingly took away people’s minds. It was one of the greatest hits of the time and is known for the patriotic feeling.

12. CAT

CAT is a known web series when it comes to crime thrillers. After Sacred Games, it became the most viewed web series in India. Its trailer was not able to do justice to this series. The entire plot is about a former police informant who was forced to become an informant to save his brother’s life. It forced him to come to terms and increasing drug-related issues in Punjab. If you love thrillers, this is the best web series for you.

13. Ashram 3

Ashram 3 is one of the most awaited web series. After the performance of Bobby Deol in his popular avatar, “Baba Jane Man Ki Baat,” audiences were eagerly waiting to see what would happen in Babaji and Babita’s life, who was running a disgusting racket in their Ashram. The third season of the series has Esha Gupta, and some of her scenes played with Bobby Deol were able to set the screen on fire with her boldness. It is the top web series in India with the most famous views.

14. The Great Indian Murder

The Great Indian Murder is another thriller crime on the list which will not let you take your eyes off the screen. It will keep you entangled with it until you check the last scene. The entire plot revolves around Vicky Roy, who is a renowned industrialist. His sudden death made all the guests at the party into his potential suspects. As you keep watching the web series and the scene unfolds, there are different layers of secrets that get unveiled. The first season included Pratik Gandhi and Richa Chadda, and people are now waiting for their second sequence.

15. Campus Diaries

 If you are looking for the best web series in India that shows college drama, Campus Diaries can be a good choice. It shows the six college students from Excel University and how they choose to enjoy their life to average college students.

16. Human

The next best web series in India is Human, which stars Shefali Shah and Kirti Kulhari in the leading roles. This is a medical drama that shows dark medical scams. This web series can become an eye-opener as it contains some content regarding hospitals, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies and how they work together in conducting human trials for manufacturing drugs.

17. Panchayat 2

As we have already mentioned Panchayat, which is a must-watch web series, Panchayat 2 is the second season of it. It is the top web series in India with a massive fanbase. It shows the daily life of the engineer who is working in the Panchayat and how he is trying to make sense of his life.

18. Masoom

The first OTT debut of Boman Irani is also the top web series in India. Masoom is a web series with a plot revolving around a family that lives with their own secrets and how they are failing after their mother dies mysteriously. It is a must-watch series if you’re looking for thriller entertainment.

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