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How to choose the right Art for the Interior Decoration of your Home

Choosing the right art for your home will give you an eye-soothing personal display. Here are the tips for styling art at your home.


If you thought to give your house an exquisite look without thinking more about the artwork, read here the tips for the artwork. Without art in the room, it looks like a sentence without a punctuation mark. Know here the tips for the interior design of your house to look exquisite and beautiful.

How To Choose Art For Your Home

You need to find the right art that really works with your home interiors. To guide you through the process of selecting the art for your home, we have provided tips and tricks for all the rooms of your home.

1. Living room

The area above the sofa is the most important place to look beautiful because, generally, a guest spends his time in the living room with lots of gossip. So try to hang a single and an oversized art piece. According to designer Paige Gray, “Get creative with a pop of color or keep things neutral but explore intense texture”. She also suggests that the art piece should be highly glossy color. It may be any glass painting or coated on a canvas for the dining or living room.

Designer Stephanie Waskins suggests, “ Be sure to vary medium- oils, watercolors, collage, and photography- in different types of frames . Mixing different sizes is a key component”. 

2. Bedroom

Your bedroom is like a sanctuary where you feel relaxed after the tedious work throughout the day. So, try to make your wall art meaningful. It should be incorporated with your memories or your personal choice.

An Art Designer Kendra Nash says, “ Art is the soul of a piece, so it is not the place to cut corners. You can invest here in large-scale amounts.” Most people feel calm and unwind in their bedroom, so the color blue- natural color makes you take a fresh breath and curl up in bed. It is better not to use red or orange color in the bedroom because these colors are full of energy.

Designer Diana Rose suggests, “  Make sure the colors go well with your bedding and accent pillows to create a harmonious atmosphere in the bedroom”.

3. Kitchen

The most important thing for doing art in the kitchen area is not to use any kind of glass framed art. Try to choose small frames with muted colors and abstract painting. Designer Chad Graci says, “ The point of art, for me, is to live with it so that the pieces enhance you day to day. Fine art does not need to be confined to formal or off-limits rooms. Designer Diana Rose suggests, “ Range hoods usually are the main focal points in the kitchen, so don’t choose loud art that will compete with yours,”.

4. Dining room

The dining room should be colorful and loud. It acts as the jewellery box of the home. It is very risky to hang oversized art, striking colors, bold graphics, and different mediums of art pieces.

Designer Diana Rose offers, “Pieces should be interesting enough as a conversation starter, slush as 3D art of something handmade, elaborate, and magical. The frame of the art piece is also quite important and should not be simple.

5. Bathroom

A bathroom is also a utilitarian place, so select an art piece that is relaxing imagery. Smaller pieces of art are more appropriate for a bathroom. Designer Nash notes, “ I encourage my clients to pick something that will bring tranquillity. Designer Lauren Leerner notes,” Generally, a 24-inch piece of art fits perfectly over the toilet space and balances a wall where you have a vanity and toilet on the same oil.”

6. Workspace

Now there is an opportunity to work from home.  You have to join video meetings with your clients, so must make your office spaces beautiful by choosing an art. Designer  Watkins notes, “Now that so many people are working from home, we have been asked to help curate at that will appeal to viewers during video meetings, essentially de-personalizing the areas that are visible.”

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Before choosing the art pieces, you should follow some tips. The tips are below-

  1. Consider your budget
  2. Think about personal taste
  3. Rearrange or enhance existing artwork
  4. Arrange perfect lighting
  5. Aware  of the size of your space 
  6. Try to display multiple pieces
  7. Choose a theme that vibes you
  8. Consider the durability of the artwork
  9. Do it carefully

Note: This article written by the brand studio.