List of Best Test Series for UPSC Prelims and Mains to prepare for Civil Services Exams.

Best test series for UPSC

Mock tests and test series are among the most important parts of your study material to enhance your preparation for competitive exams like UPSC civil services exam. Besides books, lectures, and videos, test series play a vital role in UPSC civil service exam preparation to check your level and make you exam ready.

Here is the list of the top 10 best test series for UPSC prelims and mains preparation. These test series contain practice tests and subject-wise MCQ-based questions in the latest UPSC exam pattern.

Overview of the Best Test Series for UPSC

For your quick glance, here is the overview of the best test series for UPSC Prelims and Mains.

No.Test SeriesPrice
1Vision IAS Prelims Test Series 01 to 24 2023
Vision Ias Mains Test Series 01 to 16 (English Medium) 2023
2Insights Ias Subjectwise Prelims Test Series
Insight Ias Upsc Main Test Series 2022
3Elight  IAS Test Series
4Byjus General Studies Prelims Test Series 2023₹851.00
5Unacademy’s Test Series
6DrishtIAS’s Test Series
7ClearIAS’s Test Series
8Shankar IAS General Studies Prelims Test Series 2023₹1,051
9IASScore’s Test Series
10RauIAS’s Test Series

List of 10 Best Test Series for UPSC

Check out the best test series for UPSC prelims & mains preparation.

1. Vision IAS Test Series

Best Test Series for IAS

Vision IAS’s Test Series are one of the most popular and effective test series to crack the UPSC Prelims and mains examination.

Vision IAS Test Series is one of the exclusive programs by VisionIAS. The test series is designed to analyse the level of preparation of students through its mock test series with the latest questions and answers. The mock test questions have answers with explanations to clear all the doubts.

Vision IAS Prelims Test Series 01 to 24 2023 English Medium

  • Price- ₹1,349.00

The UPSC General Studies Prelims Test series are very popular all over India, and it is taken by lakhs of candidates every year.

Vision Ias Mains Test Series 01 to 16 (English Medium) 2023

  • Price- ₹535.00

Vision IAS Mains Test Series has a Total Test of 16 Total Pages and 361 Tests.

2. Insights  IAS Test Series

Insights Ias Subjectwise Prelims and Mains Test Series are designed according to latest exam pattern to helps students successfully face the Civil Services exam.

3. Elight  IAS Test Series

Elite IAS Academy helps students with expert-designed Mock Test Series to face the UPSC Civil Services exam successfully. The test series are carefully designed according to the latest syllabus, exam pattern and question trends. It is one of the best test series for UPSC Prelims and Mains preparation.

4. BYJU’S Test Series

Best Prelims Test Series

Byjus General Studies Prelims Test Series 2023 has 12 tests for civil service exam preparation.

5. Unacademy’s UPSC Test Series

Unacademy’s UPSC Test Series will help you to evaluate your exam preparation with topic-wise questions. Unacademy provides students with both free and paid mock tests for UPSC to help with online exam preparation. Experts-designed GS test series are of top quality with proper solutions and explanations.

6. DrishtIAS’s Test Series

DrishtiIAS has vast experience guiding and mentoring students to handle the prelims paper. Drishti IAS UPSC Test Series provide complete coverage of the syllabus and is designed to cover static and current topics. There are sectional tests, properly arranged options of MCQs, and tests are conducted in a real examination manner.

7. ClearIAS’s Test Series

ClearIAS UPSC Online Mock Test Series help UPSC aspirants to stay ahead of the competition. It helps you to learn and practice in a Pan-India platform with thousands of aspirants in real time. Once you enrol in ClearIAS UPSC Prelims Online Mock Test Series, you will get the following:

  • Instant access to online mock exams
  • Automatic access to upcoming online mock exams
  • Flexibility to attempt the test series at any time convenient for you from a laptop or smartphone.

8. Shankar IAS’s Test Series

Shankar IAS General Studies Prelims Test Series 2023 is one of the best test series for UPSC civil service preparation. This test series has 14 tests on general studies prelims 2023.

9. IASScore’s Test Series

GS SCORE Prelims Test Series has been taken by nearly 5 lakhs of candidates each year. The questions in the test series are designed in a way that checks your clarity of thought, conceptual understanding, and consistency in your performance.

10. RauIAS’s Test Series

RauIAS’s Test Series is one of the best test series for UPSC aspirants designed by the leading institute, Rau’s IAS Study Circle. In the entire country, this test series gained popularity. RauIAS’s Prelims Test series has helped many UPSC candidates in the past.