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10 Best Tablets for Students in India 2024

Check the article below to get the best tablet for students in India and how to choose the best quality tablet for school or college going students to attend online classes and perform tasks faster.

Best tablet for students

Want to know which is the best tablet brand for students? The best tablet for students is definitely provided by companies like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Lenovo, & others.

A good quality tablet allows you to perform your task wherever, how, and when you want. It doesn’t matter if you want to complete your school, college, engineering, and medical work or if you want to attend online classes – you need the right device to do it all.

Our Top Picks:

Best Tablet Overall – Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is a Wi-Fi+4G tablet with 4GB RAM and 64 GB Expandable ROM that can be expandable up to 1 TB. You will get a long-lasting 7,040 mAh battery with fast adaptive charging.

Best tablet for College Students – Lenovo Tab M10 5G

Lenovo Tab M10 5G has a big 10.6-inch screen with 2K Display (2000×1200), Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 Octa-Core Processor, 6 GB RAM, 128 GB Expandable storage, 13 MP/8MP Camera, and Android 13. It is a  Wi-Fi + 5 G-enabled tablet with Dolby Atmos dual speakers and a 7700 mAh lithium polymer battery.

Best Tablet for Online Classes – Lenovo Tab Yoga 11

Lenovo Tab Yoga 11 Smart Tablet is an 11-inch tab with Wi-Fi + LTE and a Calling feature. This is the Smart Tablet cum Mobile Smart Home Hub for every use.

Premium Quality Tablet- Apple iPad 2021

The Apple iPad 2021 has a Gorgeous 10.2 screen with a Retina Display. It has an A13 Bionic chip, supports WiFi and Cellular, and can provide up to 10 hours of battery life.

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10 Best Tablets for Students in India

Here is a quick overview of the best tablets for students for productivity, taking notes, and attending online classes.

Item No.TabletPriceBest For
1Lenovo Tab M10 5G₹25,000Best For College Students
2Samsung Galaxy Tab A8₹18,999Best Tablet For School Students
3Apple iPad₹42,900Best Tablet For Engineering Students
4Microsoft Surface Go₹67,800Best Tablet For Medical Students
5Lenovo Tab Yoga 11₹22,999Best Tablet for Attending Online Classes
6Nokia T20 Tab₹18,499Best for long term use
7Xiaomi Pad 5₹26,999Best for acing a project
8Acer One 10 Tab₹15,990Best in budget
9Motorola Tab₹19,799Best for managing your study task
10Realme Pad₹17,935Best for full day work

In the age of advanced technology and the rise of online activity, tablets are becoming essential for collecting information online or attending online classes. You’ll find the right device in this article regardless of your budget. We will discuss all the technical specifications of the best tablets for students in India in 2023.

Best Tablets for Students in India Reviews

After doing some extensive research, we are finally here with the best budget tablet for students. Below, we have covered a detailed review of the best tablet for study purposes, attending online classes and entertainment purposes in your free time.

1. Lenovo Tab M10 5G Tablet

Display: 10.6 inches | Resolution: 2K

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lenovo m10 5g tablet

If you want the best performance, the Lenovo Tab M10 5G Tablet is the one you should check out. It is not expensive, and you will get the best graphics experience and sound quality in this one. This is the best tablet for school and college students on a budget.

More importantly, this device is a pro, all thanks to the 2K Display (2000×1200). The TUV-certified displays on this tab reduce the blue light rays to study for a long time.

Lenovo Tab M10 5G Tablet has Android 13 OS and a powerful processor to enjoy movies and gaming in your free time.

It has special features, including anti-scratch, palm rejection, and anti-loss alert. This tablet provides you with up to 12 hours of battery backup for video playback so that you can get a high-quality display for hours.

Brilliant display qualityNo infrared
Good sound and recording
Sturdy and beautiful design
Good for book reading, watching videos, & multitasking

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (11 inches)

Display: 11 inches | Resolution: 1920×1200

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is the best Samsung tablet for students to experience high-quality graphics and theatre-like sound on a symmetric bezel dynamic display screen. Whether you are doing your task, attending online classes, watching movies, or playing games, you cannot stay without this Android tab which provides hours of unstoppable and long-lasting battery support.

It comes with a Unisoc 2GHz Processor, Primary and Front camera. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 supports both Wi-Fi and LTE. This is a very good tablet for students of any age.

Sound quality, Touch quality are good,Not a great one for gaming
An uninterrupted visual experience and doesn’t lag
Great for browsing the internet, video calling, watching videos, and multi-tasking
Supports fast adaptive charging

3. Apple iPad – Best iPad for Students

Screen: 10.2-inch Retina Display | OS: Apple iOS

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Apple iPad has a 10.2-inch gorgeous retina display with support for Apple Pencil and Smart keyboard. It is one of the best tablets for college students on a budget. This device is built for multitasking; you can write your documents, read the information on the web and make a Facetime call simultaneously.

Discover apps from the Apple play store to learn lessons or attend a video class. The Apple iPad also gives you the ability to shoot photos and videos in HD quality.

Now come to the fun part: pair it with an Xbox, PlayStation, or MFi game controller to create a portable gaming console. This is the best iPad for college, school, or other purposes.

Great display quality and touch screen
Good for reading, audiobook listening, video calling, multitasking and gaming
Good battery backup and excellent performance
IOS 14 supports apps for all your needs

4. Microsoft Surface Go MHN-00015 10 inch

Display: 10 inches | OS: Windows 10

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Microsoft Surface Go is a premium quality product by Microsoft which you can use as a Tablet or Laptop. The quality and performance make this the best tablet for medical students or engineers.

It is a perfect portable device for all your daily tasks. Microsoft Go provides you with a stunning touchscreen where you can use a surface pen on it. It also provides the power of Windows OS to use for personal, gaming or business purposes.

All we can say is that it is the best Microsoft surface for students, with Laptop Performance and Tablet Portability.

Good Size and functionalityRestricted app store
Powerful Windows OSNot an affordable option
Great display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, good touch qualityNot good for gaming
Decent battery life and charges fast

5. Lenovo Tab Yoga 11 Smart Tablet

Display: 11 Inch | OS: Android 11

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Lenovo Tab Yoga 11 Smart Tablet is a very popular tablet for students in India. It comes with Google Kids space to access videos, books, and apps tailored for kids. This tablet has 4GB RAM, 128GB Storage, 8MP Rear and 8MP Front Camera, and WiFi.

The FHD 2K display with 400 nits brightness and Dolby Vision makes you happy with more screen time. You can attend classes, watch lectures, and browse information for a long time with a 7500mAh battery. Without any doubt, Lenovo Tab Yoga 11 is one of the most popular and best tablets for students in India.

Excellent screen quality and sound qualityMay hang to run high graphics gaming
The smooth touch screen makes it comfortable to use the tabletSpare parts not available in the local market
Dual JBL Hi-Fi speakers provide good sound quality

6. Nokia T20 Tab

Display: 10.36″ | OS: Android 11

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Nokia T20 Tab is designed with kid’s curiosity in mind and it comes with Google Kids Space which makes it the best tablet for school work. It gives you the freedom to do what you love for longer with all-day battery life.

This tab has a 10.36″ (26.31 cm) 2K Display with 4GB RAM, 64 GB Storage, 8MP Rear and 5MP Front Camera. You will enjoy a fast, reliable, multitasking experience with the Octa Core Processor.

The Nokia T20 Tab comes with Pure Android 11 with 2 years of OS updates and 3 Years of monthly Security updates to keep the device secure and updated. This is the best Android tablet for students available in the market today.

The display is goodThere are some WiFi connectivity issue
Sound is clear and niceDolby Atmos is missing
Stock Android OS is not bloated with useless junkNot OTT friendly. Only 480p for videos on Prime or Netflix.
Battery backup is quite good

7. Xiaomi Pad 5

Display: 10.95 Inch | Resolution: 2.5K Resolution

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Xiaomi Pad 5 gives you sharper details while you are attending classes, watching videos or acing a project. You will also love its great power and performance with the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

You will fall in love with the 2.5K+ resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. It comes with 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage, Quad Speaker and Long lasting battery life.

The most interesting part is the 13MP Rear Camera with 4K recording makes it one of the best tabs for students in India.

Both screen quality and sound quality are goodNo place to connect 3.5mm jack
Battery life is also goodMight be hard to find quality accessories in the market
Great for every purpose use

8. Acer One 10 Tab

Display: 10.1 Inch | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels

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Acer One 10 Tab comes with Android 11 OS for Multitasking, quick App access, and smooth streaming. This is one of the best tablets for studying, learning online, attending video classes, or watching movies.

Acer One 10 Tab has 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage, WiFi + 4G. You will enjoy the high-speed performance with fast processing with a Quad Core processor.

It also has a Built-in 5MP front camera and 8MP primary camera to attend online classes. This is one of the most affordable tablets for students available in the Indian market.

Good tablet for studying and teaching onlineNo touch pen available with it
You will get 4G LTE support within an affordable budget.NO HDMI, NO Pen Drive support.

9. Motorola Tab

Display: 11.2 Inches | Resolution: 2000×1200 pixels

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Motorola Tablet

Motorola Tablet comes with an 11.2 inches 2K (2000*1200) FHD IPS Display that supports face unlock and Dolby vision. This tab has MediaTek Helio G90T Octa-Core, Quadcore Speakers with Dolby Atmos and Android 11 OS, ideal for business, reading and browsing. It has 4GB RAM, 64Gb Memory (expandable up to 1TB), and a 7700 mAh Li-Po battery. It supports Face Unlock, Google Assistance, and Voice Calls (Single Sim, GSM, LTE, VoLTE).

Screen quality is goodNo 3.5mm headphone jack
Touch Screen functionality is good
Video Quality is good
Comes with Face Unlock and Google Assistant

10. Realme Pad

Display: 10.4 Inches | Connectivity: Cellular, Wi-Fi

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Realme Pad is an ideal device for reading, watching videos, or attending a video call. It has 8MP Primary and Front Camera to clearly focus on communication.

Realme Pad has 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage which is expandable up to 1TB. It has Android 11 OS with a 10.4-inch WUXGA+ display. The most interesting part is, the 7100 mAh Lithium Ion battery gives you the freedom to do your task for a long time anywhere, anytime.

Screen and Sound quality are goodDifficult to get accessories in the market
Battery backup are decent
Supports 4G+WiFI
No lag while using
Value for money product

How to Choose the Best Tablets for Students

In the times when online learning is booming; students would need the best gadgets. We are talking about tablets as these are extremely essential for students. In the current education system, there is a need for parents, teachers, schools, colleges, or other educational institutions to think about it. To help students take online classes, you must look for a good-quality tablet.

If this is the first time you are looking for the best tablets, you must check the following. These will make sure that you take online classes with ease.

Display Size

Tablets are available in a range of sizes. These are present in the market from 7 to 12 inches. The display size of the tablets matters a lot. When you choose the right tablet display size, the students will be able to take online classes with ease.

Since they have to take a look at the details provided by their teachers, 10 inches can be a perfect choice. This way, the student can check every single detail and follow the notes. Larger screen sizes also cause less eye strain on students.

Storage Capacity

When it is a student tablet, there is always a need to keep in mind the tablet storage. Since the notes need to be stored for future reference, you must pay attention to storage.

Choosing greater storage will give them enough space to store the notes teachers provide. When you become limited to storage, it will restrict them to storage. Thus, just after storing a few, the tablet will keep showing that storage is full. So choose the tablet with your required storage.

Processor & RAM

When you choose a tablet, the most important thing is the RAM and processor. Processor is generally given in Gigahertz, while RAM shows the performance. It is a vital decision that you need to make.

It is advisable to choose the latest processor. Besides, while choosing the RAM, make sure it is more. Like 4GB RAM is better than 2GB or 3GB RAM. When you select more RAM, students can run multiple apps without any lag.

Camera Quality

Since students need to make video calls while they are taking online classes, you have to pay attention to the camera. Make sure that both the front camera and rear camera are of good quality so that their teachers can have a clear look at them.

So, whether you choose to buy online or offline, you have to pay attention to the camera quality. Choosing a bad-quality camera will later again compel you to buy a webcam to take online classes.

Voice Calling

If you want to buy a tablet for a student that will work both as a tablet and for calling, you need to choose a voice-calling tablet. When you select such a tablet, the student will also need a personal number.

It will also help their friends to reach them when needed. Since tablets are not only a great medium to take online classes but also can be used for voice calls, buying one voice-calling tablet will outperform your requirements. So make sure that the tablet you select is also a calling tablet to let the student take classes and call from the same place.


When you choose a student’s tablet, you have to ensure that they can seamlessly take the classes. It is when you have to make sure about the connectivity. In modern times, it is mostly advised to choose the 4G or 5G tablets.

You can also choose 3G tablets in case you have budget restrictions. Selecting a 4G or 5G tablet will help the student to enjoy uninterrupted connections from anywhere with a WiFi connection. Do not forget to look for the USB port. So make sure that you check the connectivity of the tablet before buying.

Battery Life

Considering that students need to move out for various reasons, you have to choose a tablet. Remember that usually, the classes go for an extended period, so you have to make sure about the battery life.

Generally, it is denoted with mAH. The tablets with more mAH will make sure to go for a longer time. So, keeping in mind the student’s needs, you must choose a tablet with more battery life. It will not restrict them from taking their daily activities.

Choose A Quality Tablet

So now that you have got some idea about the things that you must consider while choosing a student tablet; it will be easier for you. Remember that in today’s HD world, with convenience in every aspect of our lives, checking in-depth about the tablet in advance can offer a great result.

FAQ On Choosing the Best Tablets for Students In India

What are the technical requirements of a tablet for attending online classes?

While you are finding a tablet for attending online classes you should check these technical features in your device; Display quality(HD, FHD support), Performance(Processor Speed) & RAM(at least 2GB) Size, Good quality camera (at least 8MP), storage, connectivity(WiFi), and battery life.

Which are the best tablets for students in India under 10000 with FHD support and a high-quality inbuilt camera?

If you are looking for the best tablets in India under 10000 with Full HD support and a high-quality inbuilt camera, unfortunately, you cannot find one because to get such specifications you need to increase your budget to at least up to 15000.

Can I always keep my tablet fully charged?

Charging a tablet is very much important to maintain the lifespan and performance of the device. You can keep your tablet at least 60-70 per cent charged. Fully discharging your battery can affect performance and may decrease the battery life.

How much average battery life is good for a tablet?

Average battery life is important when purchasing a tablet. For example, If you are performing any important task on the go, you should not need to worry about the device getting off. At Least 8-10 hours of average battery life is good for a tablet.

Which are the best tablets for students in India under 15000 with at least 2 GB RAM?

There are many tablets available currently with at least 2 GB RAM. So, if you are searching for the best tablets for students in India under 15000 with 2 GB RAM, you can choose Lenovo.

Are there any best tablets for students with pen support?

Pen support features are available on touchscreen tablets. If you are searching for a tablet with a pen for students, then you can get Microsoft Surface GO.

Which are the best tablets for students in India under 20000?

There are a lot of options available for the best tablets for students in India under 20000. We recommend going for brands like Samsung or Lenovo.

The Best Tablets for Students in India Summary

We hope this guide will help you to choose a suitable device. All the tablets offer the same core functions. But the best tablets stand out with powerful processors & RAM, crystal-clear picture and audio, high-quality cameras, FHD support, and other valuable features.

Also, factors like the purpose of use, budget, and functions should be taken into consideration. A high school student attending online classes won’t need the same device as a college or university student to do special project work.

Now, you can use this guide to find the right product for you.

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