Famous Paintings

Some other paintings of famous artists

The raft of medusaTheodore Jerico
The Persistance of memorySalvador Dali
Las menynusDeago Velascage
The oath of the horataiJack luis David
The arnolfini PotraitVan Ike
The Girl with a pearl earingYohanes Varmiar
The burning of the houses of lords and CommonsWilliam Turner
The birth of VenusSandro botti Chelli
The great wave of CanagoaHokusai
The night watchRambrant
Corner of a garden at montjeroCloth mone
Lunch of the boating partyPiere Agustha Renoa
Sita haranRavi Barman
Three girlsAmrita Sergill
NabobarshaNandalal basu
SourashtraHidar Raja
DurgaBikash Bhattacharya
The MagicianGaganendranath Thakur
Last day of DhritarashtraGanesh Paine
The boy with a candleL. Grasso