How to Prepare for WBCS Exam

Passing the WBCS Exam can be one of the toughest things for the candidates. No wonder, the opportunities that you can avail after passing this exam are great, but making sure that you are preparing in the correct way can lead you to success.

You will need to pay your complete attention to study the various aspects of your daily life, reading several books, staying updated with the latest updates and most importantly keep doing the hard work.

WBCS Exam Preparation

With almost over a few lakhs students sit for this exam just to acquire a great job in the government, preparation is utmost important in the entire process. Therefore just to guide you about the exam and get into rough details, let us have a look at some of the crucial things that you must know before you sit for the WBCS Exam. 

What is the WBCS Exam?

WBCS or West Bengal Civil Service exam is conducted by the West Bengal Public Service Commission. The preliminary purpose of this exam is to find our eligible candidates who can perform the job with expertise and intelligence. The exam is conducted to make recruitment for the Group A, B, and C position in the West Bengal administrative departments.

The exam consists of 3 stages – Preliminary, Mains and Last is the Interview. Only when you pass the former, will you be allowed to sit for the next step. In every step of this exam, you will be judged based on your knowledge of recent affairs, and other secondary knowledge.

You can’t just crack this tough exam without making the preparation and hence without having the syllabus that can help in the preparation, you can’t expect to pass this tough task.

So let us have a look at the syllabus of this exam.

WBCS Syllabus

If you are willing to get familiar with the WBCS exam, you have to pay attention to the syllabus. Make sure that you go through the books or study materials thoroughly. Well, let us dive deeper into the details of what you should focus on while preparing.

We will provide you a strategy categorised as per the subjects.

  • English Composition:

The preliminary section of the WBCS exam in the English involves these few topics.

  • Phrasal Verbs
  • Phrases and Idioms
  • Vocabulary Test
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Homophones
  • Qualifying words

If you want to crack the English portion, all you need to do is to improvise the basics and reading skills in English. Improve your knowledge by memorizing the topics like idioms, vocabulary, phrasal verbs, and phrases. Read more and more books, newspapers, and magazines as much as it is possible for you. Keep a note of 5 words daily.

  • Current Events:

Keep an eye of the most important events that are taking place in India and affecting the world. You need to stay updated with daily news which makes it necessary to read the newspapers and keep an eye on current affairs both internationally and nationally.

  • General Knowledge:

The exam focuses on testing your general knowledge. The most common topics that you need to cover includes:

  • Everyday observation
  • Generation appreciations
  • Knowledge on Science

You must keep practicing daily quizzes as it can become helpful in your endeavor.

  • Indian History:
  • Modern
  • Ancient
  • Medieval

You need to have basic knowledge of history. Cover these 3 sections and make sure you memorize the dates and personalities.

  • Political News:

Don’t forget to check the news available in the market. Check the amendments, articles and the schedules as they will be a part of the quiz. Make sure you read the following sections:

  • Constitutional bodies
  • Panchayat
  • Indian Constitution
  • Geography:

Have an in-depth understanding on the Indian Map. Consider check these few sections:

  • Physical
  • Social
  • Economic
  • General Ability:

Apart from studying, this exam again assesses your general mental ability. Make sure you check the quizzes and follow them on a daily basis. This constitutes of:

  • Common aptitude
  • Reasoning

WBCS Exam Pattern

So, there will be two exams apart from the interview, which are Prelims and Mains.


For the prelims, you will be provided with a total of 200 questions. These objective type questions have one mark on each. Candidates will need to complete these questions within a timeframe of 2 and a half hours. You can find eight sections which carry 25 marks each. Only when you get shortlisted, will you qualify for the next round.

General Ability (Reasoning)25
Indian Geography especially West Bengal25
Indian History25
English Knowledge25
General Knowledge25
Indian Economy25
Indian National Movement25
Current Affairs25


Depending on the exam patterns, mains consist of six papers where one is optional that contains two papers for Group A and B.

How To Prepare For WBCS exam

As we have mentioned above, the subjects that you need to follow when you are papering for the WBCS, but just to make sure that you are able to crack, you can find some tricks and tips. `

  • Keep yourself motivated and calm when you are preparing for this exam as it is a tedious process
  • Take breaks to keep your mind relaxed
  • Taking much stress can lead to become an obstacle in the way to reach the goal
  • Go for the mock tests and check the performance
  • Read more to polish on the weaker subjects
  • Make sure you keep an eye on the papers of the previous year to get better understanding on the topics
  • Remember you have to keep the calm and patience to crack this exam

Now you can easily apply for the WBCS exam online. Just fill the forms and start preparing for the exam.

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