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Student Gadgets of the Week

Gadgets have become essential for students to complete their tasks faster. Here we have brought to you some of the best student gadgets for you.

Student Gadgets of the Week

In this era of technology gadgets are becoming essential for students to learn online, perform calculations, take notes, and other work. In order to develop skills and learn new things they need to get connected with the Internet. The life of students can become smarter with advanced gadgets. It helps them to get connected easily, attend classes, and perform everyday tasks.

We have brought to you the best student gadgets of the week. These are helpful to complete your task faster than ever before. We have laptops, calculators, and smart speakers for students.

HP 15s 15.6 inches Laptop

HP 15s is a 15.6 inch laptop built with 11th Gen Intel Core i3 processor, 8 GB RAM, & 512 GB SSD storage. This laptop is a student-friendly laptop which has Windows 11 pre-installed with MS Office Software package. It also has an HD Anti-Glare display,  HP True Vision 720p HD camera, and built-in Alexa to easily attend online classes.

Echo Dot (4th Gen, 2020 release)| Smart speaker with Alexa (Black)

This Echo Dot Smart speaker is a 4th gen Echo Dot by Amazon that can speak both in English and Hindi. This speaker can be operated by voice to search for any information from the web, listen to videos, or songs in your free time. Students can use this smart speaker while attending online classes, listen to the news, or anything they need.

Casio FX-991EX Classwiz Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator

Casio FX-991EX Classwiz Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator comes with 552 functions and 4-times better resolution for better viewing. It has a natural textbook display for fractions, logarithms, roots, & other mathematical formulas. It also has an attractive look with color coded keypad for easy key differentiation.


That’s it. We have picked some of the cool gadgets for students to complete their task, work on projects, attend online classes and other work.

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