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The Best Printers for Home Use in 2022

Are you searching for the best printers for home use in India? We have listed the top printers for every budget. Keep reading this article!

Printer for home use

In this digital age, printers are one of the most essential peripherals. If you want to print your documents at home, you need a good quality printer.

Printers for home use are the right choices for students, parents or any professionals who work from home. It’s become easier for them to instantly print important documents or receipts without going outside or visiting a printing lab.

We have reviewed 10 of the best printers for home use below.

Use this guide to find the right one for you.

Best Printers For Home Use

Here we have covered all the best printers under 5000, 10000, 15000 or above.

1. Epson EcoTank L3150 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

Epson EcoTank L3150 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Printer is one of the most popular printers with a warranty of 1 year or 30,000 pages, whichever comes earlier. This is an All-in-One printer that comes with Print, Scan, & Copy functions. It is a colour printer for Windows OS users with a cost of 7 paise per page for Black & White printing & 18 paise per page for Colour printing. Epson EcoTank L3150 has Wi-Fi, USB, App connectivity options which makes it the best wireless printer for home use.

2. Canon Pixma G2012 All-in-One Ink Tank Colour Printer

Canon Pixma G2012 is a Ink Tank type colour printer with LCD Display & USB Connectivity.

The printing cost per page of this printer is 9 paise(Black & White Printing) & 32 paise (Colour Printing). The All-in-One (Print, Scan, & Copy) functionality makes it a perfect and best home printer for students or any person working from home. Note: It supports only windows operating systems.

3. Brother HL-L2321D Single-Function Monochrome Laser Printer

Brother HL-L2321D is a Single-Function (Print only) laser printer with an auto duplex printing functionality. It has a USB connectivity option and has a speed of 30 ppm. The major advantage of this printer is it supports both Windows & Mac OS. WIthout any doubt this is the best laser printer for home use.

4. Canon imageCLASS LBP2900B Single Function Laser Monochrome Printer

Canon imageCLASS LBP2900B Single Function Laser Monochrome Printer is the Print Only laser printer which provides you with Monochrome printing with a speed of 12ppm. It has USB connectivity and supports Windows LINUX (CUPS) OS. Canon imageCLASS comes with 1 year of warranty.

5. HP Ink Tank 315 Colour Printer

HP Ink Tank 315 Colour Printer is an inkjet printer which gives you worry free printing at 10p for Black and 20p for Colour print. It has Print, Scan, & Copy functions and comes with USB 2.0 connectivity option.

6. HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4178 WiFi Colour Printer

HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4178 is an All-in-One printer with Print, scan, and copy options on the go. It provides you high speed printing for home needs at 8.5 ppm(black) 5.5 ppm (colour) using USB 2.0 & Wi-Fi. HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4178 also gives you the facility to share your documents to Dropbox and Google Drive using the HP Smart app.

7. HP Deskjet 2332 Colour Printer

HP Deskjet 2332 Colour Printer is a Multi- function Inkjet colour printer with USB 2.0 Connectivity. This printer supports Windows OS and comes with a 1 year on-site warranty. It is one of the budget friendly printers for home use.

8. HP Deskjet 2331 Colour Printer

HP Deskjet 2331 is a highly affordable inkjet Colour printer for home use. It has print, copy, and scan function with USB 2.0 connectivity and comes with a 1 year onsite warranty.

9. Canon E560 Multifunction Wireless Ink Efficient Colour Printer

Canon E560 Multifunction Wireless Ink Efficient Colour Printer is an All-in-One printer with Print, Copy, and Scan functionality. It is a best home use printer at a cost of Rs 1 (Black & White) & Rs 3.5 (Colour). Canon E560 provides you Wi-Fi & USB connectivity options.

10. Canon Pixma E410 All-in-One Inkjet Printer

Canon Pixma E410 All-in-One Inkjet Printer is the best All-in-One printer which works with Windows OS. It is one of the best home office printers which provides wired connectivity and the print speed is 4.0ipm for Black & 8.0ipm for color printing.

How to Find the Best Printers For Home Use

We have read reviews and checked features of all the printers above, allowing us to find out which one is best for you and discover about functions and usage of each one, along with what makes them unique from one another.

You can carefully go through our guidance and make your own decision before purchasing. But, it will be unique for you. After all, a student may need a lot more daily printing within an affordable cost than parents or any job person who is working from home.

However, we outlined these important elements when selecting the right printer for you.

Ease of Use

If you are getting the first printer, you likely have little or no knowledge about it. But without proper knowledge on how to properly use it might be frustrating for you.

That’s why you need a printer which is easy to set up and handle.

It not only makes it easy and quick for you to print your essential documents and receipts instantly but also cost effective for you. Otherwise whenever you need a printout you need to visit your nearby printing lab and which will also increase your printing cost.

Even if you need occasional printing of your Bill’s or receipts, you still need a printer which will help to print your documents quickly and as per your need.

A good quality printer will be effective for you in many ways. Like all in one printers can help you to both print and scan your documents. If you’re looking for easiest solutions you can definitely go with Canon printers or HP printers.

Many of the printers in this list, such as HP, Canon, provide all in one functionality like printer and scanner so you can easily print and scan your documents. This saves your money to buy a scanner separately.

Inkjet printers are for those who want to print both documents and high quality pictures like photos. But If you are searching for the most economical option with an affordable cost per page and faster printing speed you can choose laser printers. Mostly both of these types of printers are packed with features like bulk printing, scanner, WiFi connectivity, USB connectivity for more flexibility with your printings.

Functions to Check

While we look for printers that are easy to use, we also wanted to make sure there are some important functions presented in it.

The printers mentioned in the list include a lot of functionalities to make your work easier. For example if you want to use the printer from anywhere in your house you can do it using WiFi.

Scanner will be helpful for those who want to keep a backup of their hard copy documents as a softcopy.

If you really want these types of functions into your printer, you will definitely need to check the Canon and HP printers. Both of these brands provide the best quality of printers for home use for many years.

The functions offered by these printers mentioned in the list offer various types of functions to fulfill your need.


Cost is important if you are buying a printer. But it is not a deal breaker. If you need a huge number of printing per day then you can always check for the per page cost and cartridge refilling cost of the printer.

Additional Elements

There are also other elements you should check while buying a printer. These elements are not very important but we will provide an outline of each element below.

 Power Consumption: Check for the energy stars to understand about the power consumption. You can also check whether or not it has a deep sleep mode option.

 Noise: If you are working in a quiet environment in your home then you can check the decibels to comprehend the sound it makes at the time of printing.

 Paper handling: For most of the work the A4 sized is used for printing. But most of the models provide a multi-purpose tray to handle various types of papers. Also, you should check the capacity of paper numbers.

 Color: If you need to print receipts or documents in text form then you can go for monochrome printers. But if you need more colorful printing without much thinking, select color printers.


If you are looking for all in one solutions then don’t look further than the choices listed above.

These are the best choices for printing your documents fast and without much trouble.

We have included options for every type of need below. Here is a recap of our best printers for home use in India.

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