Top 10 Current Affairs Weekly Questions Updates

Top 10 Weekly Current Affairs Questions Answers July2-July 10, 2020

Q1. Recently Indian Prime Minister inaugurates the 750 MW Rewa Solar Power project in which of the following state in India? Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh Kerala Bihar Answer: Madhya Pradesh Q2. Who has been recently appointed as the chairman of International Financial Services Centre (IFSCA)? Injeti Srinivas Gary Palmer Richard Bruton None of them Answer:


Top 10 Current Affairs Questions Answers June 23 – July 1, 2020

Q1. Who became the new prime minister of Ireland? Leo Varadkar Enda Kenny Brian Cowen Micheal Martin Answer: Micheal Martin Q2. On which of the following date Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day is celebrated? 25th July 27th June 28th August 5th December Answer: 27th June Q3. The Indian Government recently banned 59 Chinese mobile

List of Best General Knowledge Books

6 Best General Knowledge (GK) Books for Competitive Exams

Are you searching for the best general knowledge books for competitive exams? Do you want to know which gk book covers all those topics that are essential for your upcoming exam? General knowledge is a common part of every job exam & interview. It covers a wide variety of subjects like; arts, science, literature, history,

American English and British English

Differences between American English and British English

You might be searching for the difference between American English and British English. Which one is the best? Which one you should learn? It’s really confusing. In this article, we will clear all your doubts and tell you about the main differences between standard American English and standard British English. First of all, it is