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The 6 Best Whiteboards for Teaching Available in the Indian Market 2024

Are you looking for the best whiteboard for teaching at your home or school? If yes, you have landed in the right place.

Best Whiteboard for Teaching

Whiteboards are one of the most common things available in classrooms. But not only that but these days, businesses are also in need of whiteboards when it comes to explaining a presentation.

Our Top Picks :

Best Overall – Pragati Systems® Genius Regular Steel

Pragati Systems® Genius Regular Steel (Magnetic) Whiteboard is best suitable for Offices, Homes & Schools. It has a lightweight Aluminium frame with Wall Mount.

Affordable Pick – Pragati Systems® Genius Melamine

Pragati Systems® Genius Melamine is a Non-Magnetic Whiteboard for Office, home and school with a lightweight Aluminium Frame.

Top Sellers on Amazon:

When you get the freedom to use your hand to explain, it becomes much easier for the receivers to understand. However, it is not an easy route to choose the best whiteboard for you. Since there are a huge number of choices available in the market, it becomes a challenge to find the right one.

When you are looking for the best whiteboard for teaching, you have to keep a lot of factors in mind. Some of the most common things that you definitely need to ensure are mobility, size and material. You have to check the surface material as well while buying.

So to help you make the right choice, here we will find out the top 6 best whiteboards that you can buy. These can be a great choice for people from different professions.

Overview of the Best Whiteboards for Teaching

For your quick glance, we have listed the best whiteboards with pricing details.

1Pragati Systems® Genius Regular Steel₹3,640
2Pragati Systems® Genius Regular Steel₹1,950
3Pragati Systems® Genius Melamine₹1,573
4YAJNAS Non Magnetic Double Sided White Board₹1,162
5YAJNAS® Magnetic Melamine White Board1,499
6Amazon Brand Non-Magnetic Board₹659

List of Best Whiteboards for Teaching

1. Pragati Systems® Genius Regular Steel – Click here for an Amazon deal

The super whiteboard that has a resin-coated steel writing surface makes sure to meet international standards. It offers ease for you to make others understand.

It has a 100% scratch-free and smooth surface that offers pleasure for writing. You can also use the surface to stick magnets.

It is completely flat and wrap-free due to the use of an alloy aluminium frame and engineered honeycomb paper. One can use this whiteboard both vertically and horizontally.

You can stay assured about the amazing erasability that does not leave any ghost marks. Any color would be perfectly visible on this whiteboard, which makes it an apt choice for offices, homes, and schools.

The size of 3×4 feet this whiteboard has makes it a great choice for teaching. This high-strength whiteboard can become the perfect choice.

2. Pragati Systems® Genius Regular Steel GRMWB6090) – Click here for an Amazon deal

This is another whiteboard that has a great writing surface. This whiteboard has met international standards.

The smoothness delivered by this whiteboard makes it easy to write. Besides, being scratch-free makes it a great choice.

This whiteboard is available in 2×3 feet which offers the chance for people to use it both vertically and horizontally.

The excellent erasability of this whiteboard makes it a good choice for everyone. The customised high-strength solution offers an optimum level of protection.

3. Pragati Systems® Genius Melamine (GWB90120) – Click here for an Amazon deal

If you are in search of a great quality whiteboard, then this is a good choice for you. This has successfully obtained the IS:2046/1997 certificate, which makes it a reliable choice.

The smooth and scratch-free surface offers maximum pleasure while writing. You can easily mount it on the walls and keep it hanging.

It has a size of 3×4 feet, which makes it a great choice for use anywhere. It does not leave any ghost marking while erasing and therefore making the words completely visible.

You can use any color marker pen while you are presenting something.

4. YAJNAS Non-Magnetic Double-Sided White Board – Click here for an Amazon deal

This is a package that contains 4 different items in it. This is a huge 2×3 feet non-magnetic whiteboard that can be transported anywhere.

This is simply a great choice for homes, offices, schools and everywhere. It has a resin-painted surface that ensures easy painting, erasing and writing ability.

The biggest advantage of this whiteboard is that you can write with chalk and marker. As the opposite side has a green surface, chalk can be a good choice.

The package also comes with a duster which helps you to erase things after you write.

5. YAJNAS® Magnetic Melamine White Board – Click here for an Amazon deal

This is the magnetic whiteboard that is almost 2×3 feet. It can be a great choice for schools, offices and homes. The satin-looking alloy frame makes the board gain a flat structure.

It maintains international standards with the resin-coated steel surface. You can use it for sticking notes and charts that have magnets and stickers.

You can stay assured of not having any ghost marks. One swipe with the duster is enough to erase, and the white surface offers optimum readability.

It has lightweight features that offer you the choice to carry from one room to another with ease.

6. Amazon Brand Non-Magnetic Board – Click here for an Amazon deal

This is a non-magnetic board that can be a great addition to classrooms, offices and homes. It is not only a great choice for teaching but also for creating a to-do list.

It can be hung easily and can be a great choice against the price. One of the sides is white that can be used with markers, and another is green board, which needs chalk.

It has a scratch-free writing surface that prevents glare and shadowing. It is corrosion-resistant and has a size of 2×2 feet.

FAQs: Best Whiteboards for Teaching

Q1. What is the difference between magnetic and non-magnetic whiteboards?

Magnetic whiteboards are made with steel or other magnetic materials to hold up notes, documents, or other items. Where non-magnetic whiteboards are made with melamine, porcelain, or glass.

Q2. What are the best whiteboards available in India?

There are many popular whiteboard brands like Pragati, Yajna, etc are available in India. Here are the best whiteboards for offices, schools and other uses.

  • Pragati Systems® Genius Regular Steel
  • Pragati Systems® Genius Melamine
  • YAJNAS Magnetic and Non-Magnetic White Board

Q3. How to clean a whiteboard?

To clean a whiteboard you can use a lint-free cotton cloth or whiteboard duster to erase cleanly any marker residue without abrasion. For stubborn stains plain water can be used.

Bottom Line:

So now that you have known about the best whiteboard for teaching available, hopefully, it will become easy for you. Make your choice of the best one depending on the budget, and start making the best use. 

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