Top 5 Best White board Markers in 2022

Are you looking for the best white board markers? If yes, then you definitely can get some stunning options here. We know that whether it is about a presentation or making students understand, the whiteboard is most commonly used in such places.

However, will only the whiteboard work? Simply a No! You will need to use the markers that are meant for the whiteboards to present your thoughts. You require making sure that the marker is good enough to make your writings prominent on the board.

Best whiteboard markers

We know that the immersive options in the market can be perplexing. Thus, we have included the top 5 best white board markersfrom different brands. You can stay assured that these will help you to fulfill your needs irrespective of your profession.

1. Staedtler Lumocolor 351 WP4 Bullet Tip Whiteboard Marker – Pack of 4

Staedtler Lumocolor 351 WP4 Bullet Tip Whiteboard Marker

Staedtler Lumocolor 351 WP4 Bullet Tip Whiteboard Marker

The Staedtler Lumocolor 351 has met the ISO 554 standard. This means that it has safe, dry ink. Hence even if you forget to put the cap on the marker, it would not dry up.

This package is available in a pack of 4 markers in four different colours- red, blue, green, and black. Thus, this one pack is enough to meet the diverse needs irrespective of the needs.

This can be easily wiped with a dry cloth and will not leave a trace on the board. Besides, the amazing colour intensity of these markers makes every word visible from a distance in the room.

It comes with a locked tip that prevents it from getting pushed into its barrel. Using this marker for different reasons can be beneficial.

2. Luxor White Board Marker Pens, Black – Pack of 10

Luxor White Board Marker Pens

Luxor White Board Marker

These Luxor White Board Marker Pens are available in a pack of 10 pens. All of these pens are available in black colour. Thus, this can be a reasonable choice for you if you only need black colour marker pens.

These can be the best whiteboard markers for teachersas they are non-toxic and user-friendly. Thus, if you have kids around, this can definitely be a safe choice for you.

You can stay assured that this can be erased easily with a duster. You can use a dry cloth or tissue paper to remove the writings.

One of the best things about this marker is that you can refill it and keep using them. So, you can buy the pack of 10 and remain assured about the quality.

3. Cello Whitemate Whiteboard Markers – Set of 6

Cello Whitemate Whiteboard Markers

Cello Whitemate Whiteboard Markers

The Cello Whitemate Whiteboard Markers is available in the set of 6. Each and every colour is vibrant, which makes it easy for the students or employees.

This set of 6 colours is different. The bright colour and the colour density make it prominent on the white boards. Thus, you can bet on visibility. The best thing about this marker is that it can write for a longer time compared to the other markers.

This whiteboard marker has been designed with ink which ensures easy erasibility. Besides, you can just refill the marker and keep using them for the longest of times.

Being one of the best dry erase markers,you can wipe those using dry clothes thus, making sure of no ghost marks left aside.

So buy these in a pack of 6 and keep enjoying the different colours and prominent writing.

4. Camlin PB White Board Marker – Pack of 4 Assorted Colors

Camlin PB White Board Marker

Camlin PB White Board Marker

Camlin is known for being one of the top names in the world of stationery products. You can use the pack of 4 markers offered from Camlin that have great features.

You can use the markers for a long time because of being refillable. All you need is to refill the pens with similar ink and keep writing.

Camlin’s markers are CE certified, which means that they are safe to use and have met the standards. This is one of the best white board markersthat can be easily removed using dried cloth.

The use of bright ink in the markers makes it prominent to the readers and students. This pack of 4 is variable in four different shades Green, Red, Blue and Green.

5. Faber-Castell Whiteboard Marker – Pack of 4

Faber-Castell Whiteboard Marker

Faber-Castell Whiteboard Marke

Faber-Castell is one of the brand names when it comes to stationery products. This pack of 4 markers is available in four different colours.

In a single pack, you can find 4 different colours like Red, Black, Blue and Green. Being very vibrant in looks, it ensures visibility among the people in the room.

The markers have a line width of 2.5mm. So, if you are looking for a reasonably priced marker, you can buy this pack of 4 Faber-Castell markers.

Final Verdict

You can find the best white board markers for you from the above-mentioned names. So check out the detail and go ahead to choose one according to your needs.