Pronouns can replace or refer a noun or a pronoun. Pronoun is used as the substitute of a noun or another pronoun.

Pronoun is a kind of Parts of Speech which is classified as personal pronoun, demonstrative pronoun, relative pronoun, interrogative pronoun, distributive pronoun, reflexive pronoun, indifinite pronoun, reciprocal pronoun etc.

Ex: He, She, Her, Which, You etc.

Types of Pronoun

Personal pronoun:

Personal pronoun is about a person or things. It sometimes refers to the entity of a person. personal pronouns are of two types Subjective personal pronoun and Objective personal pronoun.

Subjective personal pronoun: Subjective personal pronoun is means when a pronoun(Person, things etc.) is used as an subject of a sentence.

Objective personal pronoun: Objective personal pronoun is means when a pronoun(Person, things etc.) is used as an object of a sentence or clause.

Demonstrative pronoun:

It refers a particular person or things to other nearby people or things.
Ex: This,That,Such,So

Relative pronoun:

Relative pronoun is used to linking between person or things. It is used to refer a person or thing.
Ex: Who,Which,That,What,Whatever This is the same boy who came last night

Interrogative pronoun:

Interrogative pronoun is used to ask anything about a thing or person. It is used mostly in a question related sentence.
Ex: Who,Which,What What is your name?

Distributive pronoun:

Distributive pronoun is refer to the members of a group within a sentence or clause
Ex: Each,Either,Neither

Reflexive pronoun:

Reflexive pronoun is used to refer back to a subject (person or things) of a sentence.
Ex: Myself,Thyself,Himself

Indefinite pronoun:

Indefinite pronoun is used to refer general things or identifiable things of a person.
Ex: One,Any,Some One day i saw a begger.

Reciprocal pronoun:

Reciprocal pronoun is used to state relationship between two or many things.
Ex: Each other,One another