Proper noun-

It is called as concrete noun,which we can watch, touch, hear, smell, taste.


Sunflower, Ram, The Ganga etc.

Common noun-

It is the opposite of proper noun. It refers to a person or things.


Man, Book, River, Country etc.

Collective noun-

It binds a group of person or things.


A flock of sheep.

A crowd of people.

An army of soldiers.

The committee has approved the decission.

Material noun-

It refers to the things that is used to made anything.


River is common noun.But river made by water. So water is a material noun.

Sheep is a common noun. But the meat of sheep is called mutton. So mutton is a material noun.

Abstract noun-

It refers to those things that you cannot feels with your five senses.


They praised the honesty of the boy.

He committed a theft.

She is a beauty.


Noun can be also divided into two parts, countable and uncountable nouns.

countable nouns

Boy, Apple, House etc. are countable nouns.

* Many, few, a few, several etc. are used before countable noun.

Ex- A boy, Many cows, few books, several boys.

Uncountable nouns

Water, Air, Sand, Wood etc. are uncountable noun.

*Much, money, little, water are used before uncountable noun.

Ex- Much money, little water.