Attributibe adjective-

Adjective that placed before or nearly to noun it is called attributibe adjective.


A red ball.

A good boy.

An angry person.

Predicative adjective-

Adjective that placed after verb it is called predicative adjective.


The boy is good.

She is asleep.

He is alone.

The brave man faced the angry crowd.

Quantitative adjective-

Adjective that express the quantity of a thing is called quantitative adjective.


Give me some sugar.

Any man can do this.

He is the first boy of the class.

Give me two rupees only.

He took little care of the thing.

The whole village came out to see him.

This is a multi storied building.

Distributive adjective-

Each, every, either, neither etc.

Demonstrative adjective-

This, that, such, same etc.

I know this man.

Such examples are rare.

This is the same thing.

Interrogative adjective-

Adjective that are used with a noun to ask a question is called interrogative adjective.


What book do you want?

Whose pen is this?

Emphasising adjective-

own, very etc.


This is my own house.

This is the very thing i want.