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National Army day is celebrated on;

A. 13th january.
B. 14thjanuary.
C. 15th january.
D. 13th february.

Answer: Option C


15th January is celebrated as Army Day on every year in India. This day is celebrated as Army Day beacuse of the recognition of Lt. General K. M. Cariappa.

In 1948 Lt. General K. M. Cariappa (Kodandera Madappa Cariappa) taking oath as the first Commander-in-Chief of all the forces of India. At that time there was Sir Francis Butcher as the last British commander.

General Cariappa born on 28th January 1899 in Sanivarsanthe, Kodagu. And died on 15th May 1993 in Bangalore, Karnataka when he was aged 94.


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